Edwards nursery is available for childcare at the 10:00 a.m. worship service at the Edwards Interfaith Chapel every Sunday. Please trade with someone if you are not able to make your schedule.

Date Adults Youth
January 1 Karen Field Adeline Reichert
January 8 Sara Fisher Sophia Rinn
January 15 Jim McVey Henry Houck
January 22 Breanna Page Adeline Reichert
January 29 Sandi Kinsley Arden Houck
February 5 Sara Fisher Henry Houck
February 12 Sandi Kinsley Adeline Reichert
February 19 Karen Field Katie Keith
February 26 Breanna Page Arden Houck
March 5 Sandi Kinsley Henry Houck
March 12 Sara Fisher Sophia Rinn
March 19 Breanna Page Sophia Rinn
March 26 Karen Field Arden Houck