Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration Depends on Your Contribution!

Welcome to the 2018 ECOT Pledge Drive Season!

THANK YOU to everyone who pledged last year and who have helped our church down through the years.  Thanks to you, we’re in a great position to continue to be one of the largest forces for good in our community, serving as a beacon of light for anyone who needs our church as life dictate.  We appreciate all of you and know how vital you are to the success of our church.

Your Pledge

Your financial pledge for 2018 will go to continue to continue to fund a staff that has grown and served our church community for years.  The pledge will go to enhancing our infrastructure, our ability to help people in and outside of our community, and be a leader in the ever-changing non-profit world in Eagle County and Colorado.  The needs for our church and for God’s grace continue to grow in Eagle County as our population grows and as ECOT’s footprint grows with that population.

Your pledge of time and talent is equally important.  We can’t do all the great things we do without everyone’s gifts of volunteerism.  We appreciate so many people who have contributed so much time through the years and we continue to rely on everyone to carry the mantle for our church.

Each year, Fr. Brooks asks for 100% participation in our congregation filling out your pledge card.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen our percentages decrease in the last three years.  Our percentage of respondents was approximately 60% last year, making it tough for staff to plan ahead and make responsible financial decisions.

Print the pledge card here or complete the form below:


If you choose to have a payment or payments taken from your accounts, please print this form and mail or bring it to our offices. Thank you! ECOT ACH Debit Agreement

It will help you solidify your commitment, help the staff for budgeting purposes, and might even open some new opportunities for you to help the church!   It’s important to receive financial gifts, but gifts of time are equally important.  We ask for the gift of time and talent from everyone and for the gift of treasure from everyone who can make that donation.


Finally, ECOT has a policy of allowing parishioners to respond to the dictates of our conscience regarding decisions made in our denomination with which some disagree.  Everyone is allowed to restrict their pledge so that 10% of your donation that otherwise would’ve gone to support the diocese and national church will go directly to Transfiguration’s Mission & Outreach efforts.

Please contact John Knauf at 970-376-4601 or john_knauf@cable.comcast.com with questions or comments.

Please fill out your pledge card and either send it in or drop it in the collection plate TODAY.  Remember our mission:  To know Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and to make him known.  Your gifts of time, talent, and treasure help us do just that.  Thank you again for your continued generosity and support.