Feast of St. Francis Animal Blessing


The Episcopal Church has long taken a pro-animal stance, reminding members that animals are gifts from God, and that people are responsible for being good stewards of the earth and all its inhabitants. In keeping with such beliefs, many Episcopal churches host an annual Blessing of the Animals service, when people have the rare opportunity to bring their pets to church to receive special blessings.


Feast of St. Francis

Episcopalians celebrate the Blessing of the Animals on a Sunday close to the Feast of St. Francis, which falls on Oct. 4. St. Francis of Assisi was well known for his love of animals. Stories tell of him preaching to flocks of birds, dissuading mosquitoes from biting him and even convincing a wolf to stop stalking humans and livestock in Gubbio, Italy, where he once lived. At the Blessing of the Animals, people remember and emulate Francis’ example of love for animals and appreciation of God’s creations.


This year, the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration will celebrate this holiday a little early – on Sunday, August 27 at the Fischer residence in Gypsum at 2:00 p.m.

Sara is making Sloppy Joe’s – bring a side dish to share!

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