Part of my Rule of Life is to be in several accountability relationships, usually with older and wiser men who gift me with weekly time and attention to review significant life developments.  They help me better understand, absorb and respond to every manner of circumstance.  The intensity of what I do can blind me to the big picture, forest from trees, Stephen Covey’s famous Quadrant II Important But Not Urgent, and the like.  Or, to use biblical language, Elisha badly needed Elijah, Joshua needed Moses, Mary needed Elizabeth, Timothy/Titus/Silas and others needed Paul, and Paul himself needed Barnabas.


I cited an Affirmation recently as I ended a devotional about being dedicated to reality in every phase of life.  The six affirmations come from one of my accountability partners, a wise man who speaks them audibly to begin his day.  The affirmations derive from a Roman Catholic convent he visited years ago.  At first I resisted them, as they sound kinda like a religious version of Doctor Phil upon first view (urgh), but at his urging I have come to speak them myself, internalize them, and now cherish them.  I share them with you as a fellow Christian pilgrim and seeker, free from my unnecessary commentary so you may engage them directly yourself.  May I humbly suggest giving them a go for Lent and seeing what happens in you and through you?  Here they are, and enjoy:


  1. God loves me, therefore, I like myself unconditionally as He made me.
  2. I never devalue myself through destructive self-criticism.
  3. I see God in others and have unconditional warm regards for all persons at all times.
  4. I am easily able to relax at any time and each day through these affirmations I grow healthier in mind, body and spirit.
  5. I am completely self determined, inter-directed by the Holy Spirit and allow others the same right.
  6. I am completely responsible for my own responses to all persons and all events.

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