• Mother Emily Lukanich Embarks on Next Phase of Life’s Journey

    Dear ECOT family,  When the Lukanich family arrived in the Eagle Valley in December of 2016, you greeted us with love and welcome.  We walked into an almost empty townhouse, except for Christmas decorations and food to welcome us home.  This valley has become our home in the last few years. We

  • Pastoral Letter: Return to Worship May, 2021

    May 26, 2021   Dear ECOT Parish Family and many friends,   We are pleased to announce major steps in returning to full Sunday worship beginning this Sunday, May 30th!!  We are listening closely to all authorized organizations in this announcement.  They ask us to remind you the decision to

  • Vail Interfaith Chapel’s 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign

    Join ECOT in supporting the Vail Religious Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign benefitting the Vail Interfaith Chapel, adjacent Ministry Building, and surrounding grounds. Learn about the $10 million campaign HERE or Donate Now

  • Step by Step

    No Lenten devotional would be complete without visiting the pioneering, foundational Twelve Steps of the personal recovery movement.  The theological influence immediately evident derives from an Episcopal priest, Father Sam Shoemaker, as we saw yesterday.  I present these transformational elements of any recovery program not because I believe we are

  • Recovery

    Lots of “Re’s” in our world right now….rebuild, reframe, refocus, to name a few.  It is undoubtedly a season of recovery.  I’m finding it helpful to look towards experts in personal recovery for wisdom in how to be in moments like this.  Those experts are the anonymous heroines and heroes

  • Always Lent Never Easter… NOT!!

    With full credit to the mad geniuses over at lentmadness.org and yes, to homage C.S. Lewis’ Narnian Mr. Tumnus, hasn’t it felt like that at times this past year?!  Always Lent, but never quite Easter!  And even as I write this, I am fully cognizant of so many Easter moments

  • Fat Gratitude

    Welcome dear readers to our final devotional, as the title reflects, on Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday.  Almost one year, we began this daily reflection/devotional journey together, on Ash Wednesday, February 27th, 2020.  Just a short daily spiritual tickler to invite parishioners into a more engaging Lent, we thought.  And

  • Light in the Darkness

    Dear readers, in this penultimate daily devotional, we close our Epiphanytide season.  We also step through a major liminal threshold as we pass from the Advent/Incarnation/Epiphany focus of our Christian liturgical calendar to the Lent/Easter/Pentecost focus.  Both foci are essentially critical to a grounded, Trinitarian and properly Christological Christian faith

  • Waffles or Apples for All!

    Happy Last Sunday of Epiphany ya’ll!  Seriously, that’s the official prayer book designation for today!  By tradition we close Epiphanytide with the greatest Epiphanic moment of Jesus’ ministry short of the cross and empty tomb, His Transfiguration!!  But since we’ve sufficiently explored the big Fig in some detail earlier, let’s

  • Absalom

    It has been my honor to introduce you to many varied Christian personages throughout these reflections and devotionals, many you already know at least by reputation.  It is my honor to introduce you to our last saint, one you may not know, but one of our most significant.  Today marks

  • 100

    Late last year I saw a friend in the Homestead Court Club weight room.  As he was leaving I said casually, “Take care.  See you back soon!”  His reply?  “No, not in here for awhile!”  Curious, I asked him why.  His answer fascinated me.  He explained he was initiating a

  • Special Announcement: Return to In-Person Worship

    Enjoy this special message from our leadership clergy – Father Brooks Keith, Mother Emily Lukanich, and Deacon Mike Williams.  

  • Affirmation

    Part of my Rule of Life is to be in several accountability relationships, usually with older and wiser men who gift me with weekly time and attention to review significant life developments.  They help me better understand, absorb and respond to every manner of circumstance.  The intensity of what I

  • While You Were Quarantining Part Three Part Two

    All Saints enjoys some spectacular hymnody!  Two of my favorites are I Sing a Song of the Saints of God and For All the Saints.   Lesbia Lesley Scott (1898-1986) penned Sing to entertain and teach her three young children more about All Saints Day.  Evidently it was a lifetime

  • While You Were Quarantining Part Three Part One

    I’d like to close our liturgical calendar circle by re-visiting the final significant holidays of the Christian year we missed previously.  Come fall harvest time, as agricultural societies the world over frantically harvest their crops and autumnal leaves adorn forests everywhere, the church also reaps a harvest.  Long before American

  • Broken

    This descriptor appears in Holy Scripture some 144 times.  6 of those usages involve arms.  Others modify walls or other dividers either physical or spiritual.  But this descriptor by far is reserved for modifying only one essential element of human existence.  Can anyone guess?  Yep….it’s the heart.  Hearts being sundered,

  • Send in the Eagles!

    Anyone who knows me well knows my disinclination for late 1960’s/early 1970’s American pop music, some of which tragically made its way into the Episcopal church of my childhood.  While Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind performed by earnest young south Tampa mothers learning to play the guitar was scarring enough,

  • Mercury is What Again?!

    Breaking News….we interrupt this Epiphanytide to update you that….Mercury is retrograde until February 21st.  February’s full moon this year is on the 27th of this month.  I’m also sure some planets will soon be aligning….blah(things) blah (are) blah (really) cosmologically blah (bad) blah (right) blah (now).  More Breaking News….we know.

  • While You Were Quarantining Part Two Part Two

    I ask for your patient indulgence, dear readers….there is simply too much quality Transfiguration to squeeze into one devotion only!  Let’s view some more outstanding Christian visual, theological art today.   Transfiguration, Galilee.  Drive with me up a dizzying, curvaceously winding road as we steeply ascend a geologic butte (technically

  • While You Were Quarantining Part Two

    After preaching upon the Transfiguration twice annually these past 25 years, I cannot escape this utterly provocative, preternatural moment of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  It is endlessly invitatory, proffering new insights whenever I look.  Therefore I offer several visual presentations of the Transfiguration for your Epiphanic reflections.  I pray you enjoy