• March 13: Fear

    Well it feels somehow appropriate.  We get a Friday the 13 in this Lenten season, and like any good horror movie, the villain of this Lent has just jumped right out from behind the epidemiological tree to give us a good scare!  As any horror aficionado knows, there’s always a villain

  • March 12: The Needs of Many

    My sincere apologies for the missing reflection yesterday.  As they say, some days you bite the bear, but other days, the bear bits you.  Much bear-biting yesterday!  Our traditional Lenten rhythms, and indeed our very daily way of life, is being upended by a virus which seemingly has punctured our

  • COVID-19 Update #2

    ECOT COVID-19 UPDATE TWO March 12, 2020 As they say, what a difference a day makes!  With the current Eagle County COVID-19 virus confirmation count rising from 4 cases yesterday, March 11th, to 11 cases today, March 12th, Public Health and Environment Director Heath Harmon today issued a “Standing Public

  • March 10: Water to Fish

    People seem to ask me rather consistently how I do the work I do as a priest.  They are curious, and usually very empathetic, as I answer them.  They then usually respond with some version of “great for you but I could never do that!”  Well, neither could I.  Not

  • March 9: Begin with the End

    Begin with the end in mind.  One of Stephen Covey’s hallowed seven habits of highly successful people, and for someone like me, fielding so many different daily challenges from both expected and unexpected fronts, so very challenging.  The same Lord who reminded us to worry only about today as tomorrow

  • March 8: Reflecting on Baptism

    Today’s Gospel reading from John 3 contains two foundational axioms of our Christian faith. The first is Jesus’ enigmatic claim to the Jewish sage Nicodemus that to be included in God’s realms, the Kingdom of the heavens, we must be born a second time. Traditionally the translation reads “born again,”

  • March 7: Connection vs. Distance

    Yes, I know.  Two local cases of COVID-19 contagion in our own valley.  Yes, we are.  I am convening my Council of Advice, our circle of trusted lay leaders, to examine every stratagem to respond in a safe and protecting way going forward.  No option is off the table at

  • March 6: Personal Retreat Time

    Don’t defeat, retreat!  Since my Lent Madness brackets continue to fall in (mildly) ignominious defeats, Lenten Fridays seem like the right day to continue introducing the (other) great Lenten disciplines discovered and honed by generations of our Christian forebears.  For instance, Lent is a terrific time to take a personal

  • March 5: Journey of Egeria

    In the late 4th century C.E. (“Common Era,” our time now, the current academic terminology denoting what many of us grew up referring to A.D.), a young woman set off from western Europe upon an arduous journey.  She hailed from what we call today Spain, or perhaps southern France.  She

  • March 4: LIVE LOVE

    Many years ago the Vestry, or Board, of our church discerned a mission for our congregation.  A mission statement is an attempt to articulate God’s highest and best purpose for a specific parish family, the unique and compelling reason for us to exist as a congregation.  After many months of

  • March 3: Ballot Day

    One of my honors as a local pastor has been to serve as an election judge in Eagle County’s Clerk and Recorder’s Office since the 2016 Presidential election.  What an honor to work alongside such dedicated, passionate, durable and honest civil servants of both political parties to help insure a

  • March 2: Separation from God

    An uncontrolled virus threatening unpredictable, systemic international contagion.  Easily transmitted by physical contact but evidence suggests airborne transmission is also possible.  Undetectable in its earliest incubation but can rapidly advance attacking key bodily systems of the victim.  Vulnerable and sensitive lung tissue suffers most frequently, causing damage to the very

  • March 1: Inner Reflection

    The First Sunday of Lent, the moment when many Episcopalians (at least) encounter the drastic change in the tone, tenor and feel of Sunday worship.  This transition from Epiphany to Lent is perhaps the most dramatic tonal shift in our Prayer Book worship tradition, as radical life-changing transitions so often

  • February 29: Leap Day, A Day of Rest

    February 29th, Leap Day.  A unique day with deep Celtic traditions which I will not explore in depth, but please see here for more information.  A catch-up day, adding more time to better equalize the calendar year with the actual rotation of the earth around the sun.  And even more

  • February 28: Fasting

    Hmmmm, one day into Lent and already my Lent Madness brackets are being trampled.  I supported James the Less versus Thomas More, and the controversial English Reformation opponent prevailed.  I suppose that Less is truly not More! And Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland is also failing today versus Elizabeth

  • Are You for Real?

    Ash Wednesday 2020 Recap 2020 Ash Wednesday in the books, perhaps the most frigid in recent memory.  Ashes to Go serves hundreds with frozen fingers in our resort town.  “Remember that you are dust, but to ice you might return if you stay out here any longer!!”  Amid the stares,

  • Holy Land Pilgrimage – Flat Jesus and More!

    Our pilgrims set forth on their Journey to the Holy Land a week ago already! Here are some of the beautiful, historic places they’ve been.  

  • Senior Sunday Video

    Huge thanks to Rebecca Cotton, Youth Ministry Director, for producing this video that documented this year’s Senior Sunday so well! WATCH VIDEO

  • Senior Sunday 2019

    Congratulations to all of our high school graduates participating in 2019 commencement at Battle Mountain High School, Eagle Valley High School, Vail Christian High School, Rifle High School, Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy, and Vail Mountain School! A wonderful service and luncheon occurred on Sunday, May 19 to celebrate the

  • ECOT Youth Participate on Stage and Slopes

    ECOT Youth Stand Out on Local, Regional and National Levels On the Snow While youth sometimes get a bad rap for being lazy, the youth at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration are anything but that. With several youth taking the stage or taking medals on the slopes, one could