• Radio Message, Week 3 June, 2017

    Father Brooks discusses the Episcopal Church’s service to our Vail Valley community through Christian memorial services, funerals, and celebrations of life. One need not be a regular worshiper or Christian to experience these events in any of our interfaith chapels.  If ECOT can serve your family or friends in the honor

  • Radio Message: Week 2, June – Weddings

    How does ECOT serve its community? The sacrament of marriage is a beautiful expression of one’s commitment to another, but also to God. Transfiguration performs weddings at the Vail Chapel, Beaver Creek Chapel, Edwards Interfaith Chapel, and outdoors. We’d love to be a part of yours. MORE INFORMATION  

  • Radio Message: Week 1, June – Baptism

    This month we are focusing on worship and care of our community. One of the most important times in a person’s life is their baptism, and we’d love to host you in this special time and your little ones enter the kingdom of God. Listen to Father Brooks’ description: More

  • This Week’s Radio Message: Transitions in the Church

    Mother Emily looks at transitions this month – with various transitions in the church as well as in nature.  This includes moving from celebrating the Easter season to the Feast of the Pentecost on June 4, where ECOT will start to offer a 5:00 p.m. service on Sunday evenings.  Learn

  • Living The Resort Life: Transitions and Graduating Seniors

    Mother Emily was joined by three of our local graduating high school seniors to discuss transitions in their lives as they leave one stage of life and enter a new realm of continuing their lives as adults in our society. What is important to them, what are their values? What

  • This Week’s Radio Message: Transitions

    Mother Emily discusses the transitions of spring – honoring our high school graduates, Mothers all over the world, and the natural changes of the season. Join us every week on KZYR True Local Radio 97.7 FM for messages from our Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration leaders, as well as every

  • Rebecca Cotton Joins ECOT Staff as Youth Minister

    Rejoice with us!  I am pleased to announce that Miss Rebecca Cotton has accepted my call to serve as the next Youth Minister for the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Vail Valley.  Rebecca will join our staff in a full-time capacity on or before July 1st.   Rebecca was born and

  • Living the Resort Life: Celebrating Easter

    Father Brooks Keith reunites with Pastor Mark Huggenvick and his beautiful wife, Barbie, for reflections on this Lenten season, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday. Listen to their amazing, brilliant, thoughtful conversation on the April version of “Living the Resort Life” on KZYR, True Local Radio, 97.7 FM. LISTEN NOW  

  • Easter Sunday 2017

    Easter Sunday on April 16, 2017 was a joy-filled, blessed, amazing day with celebration in Festival Eucharist from dawn till dusk. Here is a collage of pictures from throughout the day. Enjoy and we hope you had a blessed, Happy Easter!                     

  • Holy Week, Day 7: Holy Saturday

    By Father Brooks Keith, April 15, 2017   So many Christians do not even know this day exists!  But exist it does, even if briefly, and for a very important reason.  The Gospel writers and Paul use differing chronologies to explain this lull in the action of our salvation drama,

  • Holy Week Blog, Day 6: Good Friday

    By Father Brooks Keith, April 14, 2017   And so we come to the heart of the matter, the very nexus of God’s plan to re-unite humanity to Himself.  Good Friday is called good precisely because in Christ God is restoring His original plan to be all in all, integrated

  • Holy Week Blog: Day 5, Maundy Thursday

    Maundy Thursday, the fifth day of Holy Week   No, it’s not “Monday Thursday!”  Maundy derives from the original title of this day, Mandatum in Latin which meanscommanded or mandated.  In John’s Gospel traditionally read during the Maundy liturgy Jesus gives His disciples, His very best friends, a new commandment

  • Holy Week Blog: Day 4, Holy Wednesday

    Tradition refers to this day as Spy Wednesday, so named because Egeria’s journal tells us that the gospel narration of Judas secretly fixing the price and details of his betrayal of Jesus was read in Jerusalem on the evening of Holy Wednesday.  She records the public reading was so disturbing

  • Radio Message, April 11, 2017

    This week Father Brooks encourages us to reflect during this Holy Week 2017, and prepare ourselves for the celebration of Easter Sunday, the rising of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  

  • Holy Week Blog: Day 3, Holy Tuesday

    By Father Brooks Keith, April 11, 2017 By long tradition today we contemplate the Second Servant Song of Isaiah, found in Isaiah 49:   The Lord called me before I was born…and he said to me, “You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified.”….And now the Lord

  • Holy Week Blog: Holy Monday, the 2nd Day

    The Book of Isaiah: The Suffering Servant By Father Brooks Keith, April 10, 2017 Despite my temptation to invoke a young Burt Ward’s excited exclamation during the campy 1960’s Batman television show (“Holy Monday, Batman!”), this second day of Holy Week begins a three-day cycle of the Great Week.  Holy

  • Holy Week Blog: The Sunday of Palms

    Day 1: Palm Sunday By Father Brooks Keith, April 9, 2017 Here we go, plunging into the Great Week!  Our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry makes the fascinating point that while the Roman Procurator of Judea, one Pontius Pilate, is entering Jerusalem with a phalanx of Roman legionnaires to take up

  • Holy Week Blog: The Drama of Holy Week

    By: Father Brooks Keith, Sunday, April 9, 2017 365 days in the Christian year.  45 days in the penitential season of Lent (counting the Sundays).  Now we focus upon the 7 days called Holy Week, the summit of the entire Christian calendar.  Our early Christian forebears called this the Great

  • Radio Message, Week 4 March 2017:

    Father Brooks talks this week about using the season of Lent to practice forgiveness – letting go of old hurts and pains. He encourages us to release those (or that person) who causes us to be in pain or angry, be he/she living or dead.  Use this Lenten Season to

  • March, 2017 “Living The Resort Life”: What Is Lent?

    This month Father Brooks Keith talks with Mary Cotton, Mother Emily Lukanich, and Katie Campbell about what Lent means to them, and what it means in the Episcopal Church. How does our past influence our ability to grasp and practice centering faith during the Lenten Season? LISTEN TO THE SHOW