• Easter Lilies

    Remembering loved ones and honoring friends and family is an Easter tradition at Transfiguration. Beautiful lilies will adorn both worship sites for Easter Sunday services.  By completing and returning the form below, along with your payment, the names of those remembered or honored will be listed in a special bulletin

  • March, 2017 Week 2: Hit the Reset Button

    Father Brooks reminds us that Lent is time to experience a “re-setting” of who we are – some give something up that they enjoy. We encourage you to give up something that hurts you – that keeps you from a fulfilling life. Make one change that would have an impact;

  • March 2017, Week 1: Find a New Pattern

    This week Father Brooks encourages you to reconnect to what is most important in our life, in our relationships, and in God. While March is known for the NCAA Tournament celebration, Transfiguration is celebrating Lent – a time of renewal, of Spring, of finding a better self. Listen to Father

  • The History of the Vail Interfaith Chapel

    A Community of Faiths: A Tradition of Service Author: Vail Religious Foundation When Vail was in its infancy, religious services were held in a variety of unlikely locations – lodges, bars and restaurants, to name a few. As the services became more requested, it was more and more difficult for

  • Ashes to Go a Big Hit

    Ashes to Go: Local Episcopal priest takes his Ash Wednesday show on the road VAIL — When God told us to “go forth,” he might have meant something similar to Ashes to Go. Rev. Brooks Keith took his Ash Wednesday show on the road, and blessed hundreds of people in

  • Radio Message, Week 4 February – March, 2017: Lent is Upon Us

    The Lenten Season begins this week with the celebration on “Fat” or Shrove Tuesday –  join our youth Tuesday night, February 28 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. for a delicious pancake supper (donations encouraged). Ash Wednesday kicks off Lent, the church season during which we follow the footsteps of Jesus, foregoing

  • Radio Message, February Week 3: Agape or Caritas

    What is the love meant by the Latin word “caritas”? Similar to the Greek word “agape”, in the Dictionary of Spiritual Terms, it means “selfless love” or human compassion for one’s neighbor. How do we give to others? What if we took the focus off ourselves and onto serving others? Father Brooks

  • Living the Resort Life, February 2017

    This month on “Living the Resort Life” on KZYR, 97.7 True Local Radio: What is life really like here in the “Happy Valley” we call home? This week Father Brooks Keith brings in Vail Valley Medical Center Chaplain Denise Delaney to discuss the abnormalities of having a “regular” life –

  • Radio Message, February Week2: Phileo – Brotherly Love

    February is the month of love, and Father Brooks is exploring the various meanings of love from the Greeks – these include eros, phileo, agape, and storge. This week he focuses on Phileo, or Philadelphia – brotherly love. How can we love our neighbors as ourselves, and what can we

  • Radio Message, February 2017 Week 1: Meanings of Love

    As we enter the month of February, Father Brooks explains the four different types of love as defined by  words in Greek. This weeek, he talks about Eros, the heart pounding romantic love that can lead to marriage. Father Brooks talks to people of all ages about marriage – thos thinking about marriage,

  • Radio Message, January 2017, Week 4: Winter Is a Feeling

    This week Father Brooks talks about how winter is a feeling inside of us, not just a season of the year. Sometimes that feeling brings joy and happiness to those who love to ski, snowshoe, be cozy by a fire. For others, it’s a feeling of frustration, coldness of heart,

  • Radio Message: This Is Not An Act of War

    Sanctuaries have traditionally been a place of respite – a place of refuge, of sacred ground, where no violence could happen. As we embark on the inauguration of a new president, we remember this – our nation has not declared war only elected a president. Transfiguration will remain a place

  • Father Brooks’ Message – This Week at Transfiguration January 12, 2017

    Dear Parish Family and Friends, Well, we all prayed for snow back in late November….. Old Man Winter may be a’visiting our valley to cover us with his white blanket, but how much more does our Heavenly Father wish to wrap our lives with a blazing love to warm the

  • This Week’s Radio Message: Keeping Your Resolutions

    Listen to Father Brooks Keith every week on KZYR, True Local radio, 97.7 FM. As we head into week 2 of the new year, he asks us to keep our new year’s resolutions – but not just physical health goals or professional goals.  He reminds us that spiritual health is a

  • January, 2017 Week 1 Radio Message: Follow Your Star

    This week Father Brooks talks about how we look for a bright star in the sky, and perhaps that star is a bright light in your life, to guide your daily life.  As we celebrate the 12th Night of Christmas, and the Feast of the Epiphany to close out the

  • This Week’s Radio Snippet: Give the Gift of You

    Listen to Father Brooks this week on KZYR, True Local Radio, 97.7 FM. What is the gift you can give this holiday season? Perhaps you are the gift that someone desperately needs to receive – your time, your presence, your thoughtfulness, your peace, your smile. Join us through the 12

  • Fr. Brooks’ Christmas Message

    Dear ECOT Parish Family and Friends,   I loved the recent Christmas card I received which proclaimed on the cover, “The time which makes all other time possible!!”  For Christians this literally is the God’s honest truth!  The birth of the Savior of the world re-aligns both time and space,

  • This Week’s Radio Snippet: Bedlam vs Bethlehem

    Father Brooks’ special message on KZYR, True Local Radio 97.7 FM, this week asks us whether our Christmas season will be filled with “bedlam” or “Bethlehem”. The origin of the meaning of the word “bedlam” originates from an asylum in London, founded in 1247 as the Priory of St. Mary of Bethlehem.

  • Fr. Brooks’ Message – December 15, 2016

    I cannot believe that we are lighting the 4th and final candle on the Advent Wreath!  Christmas is almost upon us!  I very much appreciate Pastors Carl Walker and Mark Huggenvik taking worship for us this past Sunday, as I exercised the “Saint Olaf audible!”  Thank you Carl and Mark!  

  • Mother Emily Lukanich Arrives in the Vail Valley with the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration

    The Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration announced this morning that the Reverend Emily Lukanich will join the clergy on December 18, succeeding Father Mark Huggenvick, who retired in August 2016, as Assistant Rector. She will assist the current rector, Father Brooks Keith, in celebrating the Fourth Sunday of Advent at