• Mercury is What Again?!

    Breaking News….we interrupt this Epiphanytide to update you that….Mercury is retrograde until February 21st.  February’s full moon this year is on the 27th of this month.  I’m also sure some

  • While You Were Quarantining Part Two Part Two

    I ask for your patient indulgence, dear readers….there is simply too much quality Transfiguration to squeeze into one devotion only!  Let’s view some more outstanding Christian visual, theological art today.

  • While You Were Quarantining Part Two

    After preaching upon the Transfiguration twice annually these past 25 years, I cannot escape this utterly provocative, preternatural moment of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  It is endlessly invitatory, proffering new insights

  • While You Were Quarantining Part One

    I ended the Lenten and Eastertide daily reflections on the 50th Day of Eastertide, or more popularly known, Pentecost.  To catch up please see here and also here.  Let’s step

  • Candlemas

    With all due respect to Bill Murray and (especially South Carolina’s) Andie MacDowell, let’s skip the Groundhog Day references today because, well, we’ve been living that feature for the past year! 

  • Laureate

    I…am…deeply…chagrined.  Embarrassed.  Guilt-ridden.  I must apologize to each of you, dear readers, to God and to my family.  The shame is…overwhelming.  I have failed you.  I (choke) forgot.  I (sniff)

  • Wisdom

    Today is the Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany.  We are past mid-point of Epiphanytide with an earlier Easter, and our Sunday lections invited thoughtful epiphanic reflection.  I’d like to privilege

  • Consolation / Desolation

    We spent much time during Lent and Eastertide earlier this year reflecting together upon claiming time itself as sacred, exploring a variety of spiritual practices further aligning our daily lived

  • My Place or Yours?

    This past week we’ve been reflecting together on who reveals God to us.  Who manifests God’s divine presence to us in those epiphanic moments of encounter?  Of course God can

  • Hope x 72 = Church!

    Yes class, today we solve for church!  Yesterday I made a shocking claim, quoting Pastor Bill Hybels, that the local church is the Hope of the World.  I qualify that

  • The Twelve

    God loves to surprise me.  There are some life partners, some life legacies, some fellow pilgrims on life’s long and winding road we can anticipate, see and expect.  There are

  • Wing….Folk

    In an odd twist, we won’t be focusing upon today’s Feast Day in the Episcopal Church’s saint calendar, but today’s observance proffers a great launching pad!  Today we commemorate Timothy

  • I Am Jesus

    One week after the first church pillar, Peter, comes the other twin Christian tower.  Today we mark the Conversion of Saint Paul the Tardy Apostle, Apostle to the Gentiles, and

  • Repent and Believe

    Today’s Third Sunday After the Epiphany readings are brief, compressed and summary in their liturgical form but epic in inference to our lives.  Let’s take them in turn for our

  • O Little Town

    Not all saints inhabit distant antiquity.  For Episcopalians, today is the Feast Day of Phillips Brooks, Priest, Bishop, Homilist and Hymnist.  Brooks belongs to the 19th century, 1835-1893, a period

  • Paraclete

    Elemental.  Raw.  Energetic.  God’s dynamic, energizing, and powerful presence, personal and palpable, whom scripture most often refers to as the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God or simply the Spirit. 

  • One Solitary life

    Doctor James Allen Francis (1864-1928) penned perhaps the greatest summation of Jesus’ life in several hundred years.  Allen was born one hundred years before me in Nova Scotia, called to

  • Let Me Be Clear

    Oh, gwwaaaddd…if I had a dime for every time in the last six months we’ve heard that statement from a slightly frowning, forehead creased in earnest yet empathetic head-slightly-cocked leaning

  • Of Apples and Eyes

    So there I was (this is how we start personal stories in our family) just after a very fun Christmas.  For reasons beyond the scope of this devotional space, I

  • Rough Hewn

    Today is the Feast Day of the Confession of Saint Peter, another of the significant saints’ days in the Incarnation cycle.  While Peter and Paul are traditionally celebrated together on