• Epiphany’s Collect

    O God, by the leading of a star you manifested your only Son to the Peoples of the earth: Lead us, who know you now by faith, to your presence, where we may see your glory face to face; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the

  • Three

    Like Advent and Christmas, Epiphany enjoys some customary hymnody.  I am pleased to share this first significant American contribution to the classic holiday hymnody of the Episcopal Church.  Yep, We Three Kings of Orient (the hymn’s technical name) is thoroughly domestic!  Lyrics, ‘Merican!  Tune, ‘Merican!  Composer of both (quite rare

  • Egeria Interuppta

    Dangit, dangit, dangit!  Why O Lord, why?!  Of all the sections of Egeria’s Journal, our almost sole, priceless 4th century AD/CE eyewitness to the creative Christian worship arising straight out of the ground in Jerusalem under the great bishop Cyril of Jerusalem, her excursus on Jerusalemite and Bethlehemite Epiphany worship

  • Beloved

    The First Sunday of Epiphany is anchored by the final Incarnation cycle theophany, a shockingly intimate and surprising appearance of God at the Baptism of our Lord.  This day always saddens me a bit.  Liturgical time is so compressed, squeezing the entire salvific drama into 52 Sundays and a few

  • Magical Magi, Part Two

    Hard to fit all this consequential Epiphany material into just one day!  Magic’s just like that!  So, our Matthean magi dressed up by Christian legendariums then…(and legendariums are blocks of narrative material of unsure, mythical or non-evidentiary attribution!).  The three Mag…no, wait, oops, Matthew never enumerated three.  Legendary.  Trinitarian overlay? 

  • Magical Magi, Part One

    “The Magi were not kings, but kings of kings!”  I still remember that impressive claim of the Reverend Mark Link, S.J. (Society of Jesus, or Jesuit) from my 9th grade theology textbook These Stones Will Shout.  From Tampa Jesuit High School’s drab Gulf Coast concrete block walls all those years

  • Theophany

    Let’s continue today to recover and unpack from our Epiphany theology overload from yesterday.  Theological hangovers take time from which to properly recuperate, like the brain freeze from drinking a slurpee too fast in hot weather!  Slow and easy here….at the very heart of Epiphany, and indeed of the entire

  • Epiphany Prison Break

    O….M….G!!!!  My head is spinning, dear readers, help anchor me to this earth!!  Stop, stop roller coaster of church traditions, I want to get off!  First and foremost, welcome to the formal close of the Christmas season (kinda) and opening of the third and final portion of the Incarnation trilogy

  • 28

    A point of personal privilege, dear readers, if anyone is still reading after our first Epiphany-geek-fest overload earlier today.  Today is my 28th anniversary of ordination to the Sacred Order of Priests in the Episcopal Church.  I had desired ordination during Advent but the Bishop’s earliest convenience was January, so

  • Retrospective

    Whew!  That’s a big push since Halloween, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Christmastide and now, the Eve of the Epiphany.  A contested and elongated national election, a new associate Supreme Court justice, a third pandemic wave, two vaccines approved in record time, at least three meteorological and

  • He Did It All and Infinitely More

    We cannot leave Christmastide without a word about literary Christmases!  Every year the hallowed books come out: Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree, a Little House Christmas, the Grinch, a Charlie Brown Christmas (the adult Lucy is selling real estate in the Vail Valley today), various Nights Before Christmas, Rudolph and of

  • Let’s Collect Some Collects!

    Not so much commentary today dear readers, on this (rare) Second Sunday After Christmas Day, but more praying.  We have but a brief Christmastide in which to fit so much reflecting, and I want you to not miss these gems of Christmas Collects.  We pray four in total during a

  • A Deeper Christmas Dive

    WARNING: TODAY’S CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL CONTAINS ITEMS OF AN UNBELIEVABLE GEEKY THEOLOGICAL NATURE.  PROCEED AT GREAT RISK TO YOUR SOCIAL STANDING AND COMFY CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS….   Break out the fruitcake, chocolate, and perhaps an adult holiday drink of choice as we plunge into some deeper Incarnational water today dear readers.  If

  • Above All Names

    A sincerely Happy New Calendar Year dear readers!  May 2021 truly be a different Year of our Lord!  Lost in all the revelry (or perhaps a slightly later morning for some of us!), ball drops, Harry Meeting Sally (and yes, I have sat in the same booth to have what

  • Smiles, Everyone, Smiles!

    (Extra 1970’s cultural bonus points if anyone remembers where the title phrase comes from!)  Well, Saint Francis of Assisi, revered Christ-figure of the medieval church, your turn to take us to the “woodshed” finally arrives!  Dear readers, today we reflect upon the beloved Christian Christmas tradition we now call the

  • O Come Silent Night

    We visit today with two beloved Christmas hymns.  Anglican holiday hymnody is an embarrassment of treasures, and we have only 12 Days of Christmastide after all, so please use these devotionals as a launch pad to explore your personal favorites…why so many notes in one word (“Glo-o-o-o-o-ohh, o-o-o-o-ohh, o-o-o-ORR-riah”), how

  • Past as Prologue

    Okeey dokey smokey, after a three day run of grand slamming saints’ days, can we please get back to some good ol’ Christmas joy now?!  How ‘bout reverting to that First Sunday of Christmas for a re-visit of Sunday’s gospel, the Prologue to John’s Gospel.  The church in her liturgical

  • The Holiest of Innocents

    Today is a hard day, perhaps the most challenging of any saint’s day on the entire Christian calendar.  Most clergy simply never mention it nor acknowledge it due to it’s disturbing content, but we are not most clergy nor most congregations.  Today, December 28th, is the traditional date for the

  • Fourth

    Andrew, Nicholas, Lucy, the Baptizer, Mary, Thomas, Stephen…our list of hagiography (fancy vocab for saintly biography) for Advent/Christmas/Epiphany is power-packed and star-studded.  Today is no different!  At least one and sometimes two Sundays fall in Christmastide but saints’ calendar days remain fixed by tradition.  Let’s celebrate the First Sunday of

  • Protomartyr

    Happy 2nd day of Christmastide, Happy Boxing Day, Happy Feast of Stephen the Protomartyr…how many traditions can we cram into one 24 hour period?!  Let’s review quickly….it took our early Christian forebears just days to proclaim the resurrection of our Lord as God’s victory over death and the inauguration of