• The Wisdom of the Forebears

    An Episcopalian professor, liturgical scholar and author J. Robert Wright did the American church an invaluable service, re-introducing the Early Church Fathers (yes, a few mothers, but their voices are more difficult to find) to today’s church.  These monks, nuns, bishops, mystics and scholars carried the Christian message in the

  • The Greatest of These

    There it was, just where I wanted it to be, front and center under the tree on Christmas morning.  Dan’el Boone’s coonskin cap, complete with tail.  I’m 6 years old and I wanted to be young Israel Boone so badly I wore that cap for almost a calendar year!  Can

  • Love Come Down

    Dearest Sisters and Brothers, we have to bid a very consequential and challenging Advent season goodbye, and pass over to the Eve of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ…or do we?   This final Advent reflection crescendos with Love, the theme of the final Advent candle.  Popular voices clamor

  • Lessons & Carols

    Mother Emily Lukanich has prepared a special four part video series for celebrating Advent at home and Christmas, as we prepare for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Enjoy!

  • Convergence

    Well now, this is interesting.  As if 2020 didn’t throw us enough, here comes cosmology too!  How many times does God have to wave a divine astrometric hand right in front of us?!  Dear readers, welcome to the Great Convergence, when Jupiter and Saturn’s orbits come so close together they

  • Knock Knock!

    Mother Emily and I agree.  We both consider the Collect, or gathering prayer, for the Fourth Sunday of Advent to be one of our favorite prayers of the Christian year.  I love all the Advent Collects as my respect for their wisdom has evolved over many years.  This week’s Collect:

  • Believing Thomas!

    Today is how the church disrespects one of her own, and let’s put that right.  We considered the Apostle Thomas, hung with moniker “Doubting,” some time ago in the Great Fifty Days of Easter.  Given that today, December 21st, Winter Solstice, Midwinter, the day when our Northern Hemisphere is declined

  • Make A New (Christmas) Plan, Stan!

    This Christmas is different, so much more like that first Christmas of old.  Our cherished longstanding traditions are disrupted with pandemic prejudice, but that does not mean Jesus is not planning to be born anew in the manger of our hearts!  Yes, dear readers, Da-Who-Dor-Rays applies this year!  (A How

  • Magnificent

    Today, the Fourth and final Sunday in this too-brief Advent, we finally meet her.  The Queen of Heaven, Mother of all, Eternally Virginal, Luke’s first Apostle, Theotokos (literally God-bearer in Greek, a profound title conveyed by an early church council by which Orthodox Christians best know her), Madonna.  For Anglicans,

  • Oh, So Many Oh’s!!!

    The second of our Advent hymns is brought to you by the letter “O,” as in the well known O Come, O Come Emmanuel!  I was shocked to discover the hidden gems of this Advent classic so beloved in Anglican hymnody.  Emmanuel is easy, simply a direct transliteration of the

  • Repent Part II

    Yesterday we met fiery John the Baptizer, calling 1st century Judaism to radical repentance to prepare for the coming of Messiah.  John used baptism reinterpreted as God’s vehicle to obliterate sin as his primary strategy to effect that repentance.  And John always spoke truth to power, and as usual, power

  • Repent, Part One

    It’s time to meet the first of our two constitutive Advent figures!  Dear readers, may I introduce you to John the Baptizer, the enigmatic 1st century Jewish seer who singlehandedly resuscitated the great Jewish prophetic tradition from its near hibernation.  John’s apocalyptic (does anyone remember this term from our Lenten/Holy

  • Pastoral Letter for Christmas Worship, 2020

    Dear Transfiguration Parish Family and many Friends, After prayerful discernment, we are amending our normal Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and 12th Night Epiphany worship schedule.  Given extensive data from Eagle County Public Health, Vail Health and the State of Colorado, coupled with clear guidance from the Office of the Bishop

  • Stir It Up, L’il Darlin’!

    With all due respect to Bob Marley and the Wailers, the Third Sunday in Advent is often nicknamed “Stirrup Sunday” because of the fantastic Collect for this third week of our Advent journey.  Here it is:   Stir up your power, O Lord, and with great might come among us;

  • The Gift of the Present Moment

    About 100 pounds, rep #8, 3rd set, bench press straight long barbell medal rod….dangling precariously above my exposed head and throat.  Homestead Court Club weight room, Edwards, recently.  One might think that situation requires total focus to coordinate a smooth complete press as what remains of my pectoral muscles are

  • Great, Completed, Full

    The traditional theme of the Third Sunday in Advent, noted in your Advent bags, is Joy.  That’s why the third Advent candle is rose-hued instead of the more somber purple, a visual reminder that we need a joy fix in the midst of a more reflective time.  Really?!!  Would that ALL

  • You Can’t Really Take It With You

    On this Third Sunday of Advent, we mark our third significant Saint’s Feast Day in Advent, the Feast of Saint Lucy or Lucia.  Like her contemporary Saint Nicholas, Saint Lucia marks a consequential shift from the early, persecuted church to the landed, establishment church of the early Middle Ages.  The

  • Even So Lord

    One of the pandemic’s most ravaging larcenies is depriving us of shared musical experiences, and not in some furtive, pilfering manner either.  From concerts to live theater, from choirs to festivals, from hymn sing to children’s’ holiday performances, it seems COVID’s singular objective is to deprive us wholesale of moments

  • I’ve Heard About You Before…

    Okay, yeah, I’ll admit it.  I didn’t want to go see it, could’ve cared less about their music when they were global superstars, waaay too many Broadway attempts to resurrect aging rock hipsters from previous decades, but, “rush” cut-rate tickets, seats on the first row, can see the large piano

  • Surpassing Human Understanding

    The theme of our second Advent candle, and pervading this entire week, is Peace.  The very words sound comforting in their native tongues, Shalom in Hebrew, Eirene in Greek (from which we derive the English name “Irene”).  Used almost 250 times throughout Holy Scripture, our English term struggles to contain