• Truth to Power and to Us

    We are reflecting together in this brief, intense Advent season on the poignant Advent Sunday Collects.  So constitutive, so incisive, so formative for our spiritual (and not so spiritual for that matter) walk though Advent.  The Collects waste no time in their laconic cross-examination and lacing indictment of the human

  • Wait For It….

    Undergirding our weekly Sunday Advent themes are several implicit, transcendent Christian cornerstone experiences.  In Advent, as God’s future comes graciously towards us and into view, we are called, literally, to wait.  To receive God’s gifting on God’s terms in God’s good time.  There is a profound historical tension here, as

  • Infamy

    As we move into this second week of Advent, we pause for what has become a civic version of a saint’s day.  Sadly, like so many of our national days, this day marks a tragic and traumatic 80th anniversary.  In the early morning of Sunday, December 7th, 1941, aircraft from

  • Holy Saint Nicholas’ Day ___Man!

    Today is the second of our significant holiday Saints Day’s, the Feast of Saint Nicholas of Myra.  Nicholas is an early church rock star in the Orthodox Christian tradition, consequential for all Christians although he is particularly venerated as the patron saint of children, sailors, archers and prostitutes among others. 

  • Writhe That Wreath!

    So it turns out that one of the oldest, most well attested and most globally evidenced holiday traditions involves that wreath on the table, wall or door.  Ancient Greeks made them from bay and cherry laurel leaves to award Olympiad victors in the Hellenic athletic contests of antiquity.  Ancient Persians

  • Almighty God, Give Us Grace

    Growing up in the Episcopal Church means being wrapped in the warm blanket of Anglican liturgical tradition, all based upon not only the Word of God but also lots of…words.  The Prayer Book tradition is inescapably literary, which any old-school Anglican soul knows isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  It kinda

  • Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Ficus Carica?!

    Closely aligned with the Great Themes of Advent are multiple symbols of the season, each conveying some profound and often comedic axiom about our faith.  Our Advent symbol this week may possibly be the world’s most perfect, complete natural food.  Dear readers, I present the oldest harvested fruit known to

  • The Great Themes of Advent Week One: Hope

    Each week in Advent is characterized by a grand biblical theme emblematic of God’s gracious attention to us.  As we light the first candle of Advent each day this week (suppers, prayer times, “I’m sick of news and turning it off to watch my candle” moments) we reflect together on

  • Setting Up Advent Shop

    To properly enter into the Advent season, I want to re-visit an earlier Lenten devotion about a home chapel, worship space or prayer corner.  I asked then, and ask again now, that you reserve some modest space as sacred space in which you pray, read scripture, ponder these and other

  • Happy Andermas Ye Bonnie Kirk!

    We interrupt this newly launched Advent devotional blog to mark one of the great festival days on the Christian calendar, the first of several we will celebrate together in the coming weeks.  November 30th is the Feast Day of Saint Andrew, Apostle and Patron Saint of Scotland.  Interestingly, he is


    The long-awaited sequel to this year’s Lent, Eastertide Great Fifty Days and Pentecost is finally here!  The re-make, the return, just when you thought it was safe to come outside again…we’re back true believers!  As we launch into a brand-new Christian year beginning today (and a Happy New Year for

  • A COVID Update from Our Disaster Response Director for the Episcopal Church in Colorado

    Siblings in Christ,   After consultation with Bishop Kym Lucas, due to increased surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations across the state, if and when your county reaches a 12.00% seven-day moving average, (which should be under 5% of those being tested) all parish leaders need to ensure that virtual

  • Trunk or Treat 2020 A Success!

    Many thanks to all the volunteers and candy preparers for this very successful Halloween celebration at ECOT!  Nearly 30 children ages birth to 18 years dressed as super hero, princesses, ghosts and ghouls, pirates, dragons, and more visited our first annual Trunk or Treat! What a lovely opportunity it was

  • May 31: Droughtlander Reflection Style

    Yes, dear readers, I somehow forgot to work in a reference to the wildly popular pop culture literary and small screen phenomenon that is Outlander.  The kids got Harry, the tweens got Bella, the teens got (well, kinda hosed as they received multiple knock-offs of Twilight all based upon the

  • May 31: Whit-the-Heck?

    Fun with history!  Boy can those British forebears complicate the $#%@ out of such a simple Christian festival!  A blessed and happy Pentecost to all, the Christian festival of the Holy Spirit lighting upon those original disciples (plus one) to unleash nascent Christian faith from Jerusalem’s center to the entire

  • May 30: Coming Attractions

    Tomorrow culminates the Great Fifty Days of Easter, or Eastertide as I have called this very special time in the annual life of a liturgical Christian church.  To luxuriate in the light from the Empty Tomb.  To see Jesus astonish, rehabilitate, challenge, reveal, confirm and open.  To watch those cowering

  • May 29: Adieu, Egeria!

    It’s sadly, finally time to bid my 4th century Spanish nun/adventure traveler/pilgrim Egeria a fond, bittersweet farewell.  It seems only right to hear her one more time now, as the recovered portion of her travel journal abruptly terminates just after her riveting narration of Pentecost in Jerusalem.  Egeria herself, much

  • May 28: More Stump, More Chump!

    Newbie from Cordie writes, “Dear Chump, you have provided questions or thoughts to ponder which have been great. Could you dig deeper into Christian meditations and ask readers to share what they receive from it? It might be kind of neat to hear what God is saying to your flock?”

  • May 27: Stump the Ordained Chump Returns!

    It’s time for your questions dear readers!  Can you stump the ordained chump?! East Vail Doctor writes, “Dear Chump, Can you explain the Gospel of John’s term ‘glorification?’” Dear Doc, The word Glory or its derivations appear some 300 times in the Bible, over 22 references in John’s Gospel alone. 

  • May 26: Spring Cleaning

    The evangelist Luke tells us in Acts chapter 1 that following Jesus’ Ascension His (sorry cannot help it) followers took care of some housekeeping details, something akin to spring cleaning.  Read Acts 1:15-26 to see how they did it.  With Judas Iscariot dead by his own hand, the Eleven were