• May 27: Stump the Ordained Chump Returns!

    It’s time for your questions dear readers!  Can you stump the ordained chump?! East Vail Doctor writes, “Dear Chump, Can you explain the Gospel of John’s term ‘glorification?’” Dear Doc,

  • May 26: Spring Cleaning

    The evangelist Luke tells us in Acts chapter 1 that following Jesus’ Ascension His (sorry cannot help it) followers took care of some housekeeping details, something akin to spring cleaning. 

  • May 25: Resurrection Review

    Today seems like the proper moment to look back before we look forward.  The 10 days between the Feasts of the Ascension and Pentecost frequently feel like that liminal space,

  • May 24: Pump You Up!

    A popular Saturday Night Live skit from the late 1980’s spoofed the body-building movement headed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  For a brief refresher see here.  Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon’s memorable

  • May 23: No! In All These Things…

    Well now Paul had his peaks and his troughs didn’t he?  Yesterday, a trough.  Today, a peak!  His intense experience of resurrection living gave Paul the clarity to pen this

  • May 22: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Sorry.  There is no other suitable title for this unsuitable subject.  Ask a military veteran for translation, or perhaps not.  Yes, Paul knew this encoded message of astonished confusion very

  • May 21: We Interrupt this Reflection…

    Ascension Happens!  Breaking Reflection News!!  Has anyone been tracking 40 days beginning Easter Day, April 12th?!  Just as Luke narrates it, Happy Ascension Day dear readers!  Geeky Episcopalians call today

  • May 20: En Cristo

    Στον Χριστό En Christo.  Literally, In or into Christ.  Paul wasn’t picky with his prepositions ending with Christo!  With Christ, through Christ, by Christ…just about any motional preposition will do! 

  • May 19: No Longer I

    Yesterday we reflected upon the profound nature of God revealed in gospel resurrection, namely the eucatastrophic nature of God’s love, as the former great Episcopal Bishop of Colorado Bill Frey

  • May 18: Eucatastrophe

    As you may well know, one of my enduring spiritual directors is the 20th century English Oxford Don, World War I veteran, faithful Roman Catholic, poet laureate and Godfather of

  • May 17: shun, SHUN, shun shun!

    I will be dating myself to draft a popular 1970’s children’s educational television program just to illustrate a theological paradigm…so let’s do it!  The Children’s Television Workshop produced Electric Company

  • May 16: Retrospect

    Before we move forwards, a moment to look backwards.  For me this Eastertide is flying by, 50 days feeling like 20 while our Lenten 40 days felt like 4,000!  We

  • May 15: Bonus John!!

    Yes, it’s hard to stop exploring John or any of our rich biblical texts of resurrection.  Before we leave the Johannine resurrection cycle, a bonus reflection! You may have noticed

  • May 15: It Is I!!

    The final scriptural passage of our biblical resurrection romp, and I am sad to close this portion of our reflections.  But worry not, dear reader, as we have plenty enough

  • May 14: God is Love

    The close of John 21 is not the ending of Jesus’ resurrection appearances, although today’s texts require some ingenuity to see clearly.  Just as the Pauline corpus of scripture contains

  • May 13: Yes, Lord!

    Here we meet the emotional anchor of John 21, and indeed one of the most intensive vocational encounters in the entire bible.  Read John 21:15-19 to appreciate the complex narrative

  • May 12: They Knew

    The Great Fifty Days, colluding with our present distancing societal protocols, provides us with an unparalleled invitation to luxuriate in the resurrection accounts, and indeed in Jesus’ resurrection itself!  Inhabit,

  • May 11: The Right Side

    <EDITORIAL NOTE: This reflection featuring a marked divine preference for the right side of the boat, inferring a more abundant draught of fish over against the left side, demonstrates an

  • May 10: Show Me!

    In 1899 Missouri congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver addressed a Philadelphia Men’s Club, and stated the following in his remarks: “I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and

  • May 9: Shalom Aleichem

    Okee dokee smokee, here’s where John veers off the resurrection reservation bigtime!  Read John 20:19-23.  Remember for Luke the Resurrection of Jesus is paired with His ascension into heaven during