• May 6: Yes, You in the Back!

    We now arrive to our final grouping of resurrection texts, and finally, to a scriptural neighborhood with which I am actually acquainted!  Whew!  Our final texts cohere under the broad umbrella of John, or using a more accurate descriptor, Johnannine, meaning they use the vocabulary, reflect the sophisticated and distinctive

  • May 5: And the Rest…

    Poor Professor and Mary Ann.  Yes, loyal readers it’s time to sit right back and hear a tale!  How can we speak about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and not include…Gilligan’s Island?!  This beloved 1960’s television cult classic, the godfather of Survivor and Castaway, disrespected the Professor and Mary Ann

  • May 4: It Is Not For You

    When?!  When does this isolation conclude?!  When can we get back to work?!  When is there an effective treatment?!  When do we get a vaccine?!  When??!!  Well, let’s turn to an authority on schedules for more insight….we welcome into the Eastertide Reflection studio today “Mr. Jesus.”  Mr. Jesus serves as

  • May 3: You Are Witnesses

    Luke 24 is truly the scriptural gift which just keeps on giving!  But sadly we have reached the end…or have we?!  Today we (kinda) close with Luke 24:44-53, again, all on this very extended Easter Day.  Again we come geographically close to Jerusalemite churches, the Lazarium, Eleona (atop the Mount

  • May 2: I’m Starving!

    It strains credulity that all of Luke 24 occurs in a single day…and Luke presents it exactly like that!  Whew!  And hey, since we have 50 days of Eastertide I don’t mind pacing us through these magnificent resurrection passages!  Today let’s reflect upon Luke 24:36-43, the “shelter in place” resurrection

  • May 1: Burning Hearts

    Yesterday we explored Luke’s traditional Easter narrative to begin Luke 24.  But today, we depart any extant resurrection text to happily traverse uniquely Lukan material, a hugely consequential story to our Prayer Book worship and indeed to the entire catholic tradition.  Today we go to Emmaus. This is Luke’s signature

  • April 30: He Is Not Here!

    Between the evangelist Luke and his mentor Paul, the two provide roughly 1/4th of all Christian scripture.  Their perspective is unique and constitutive for any serious believer.  While Paul evidently felt no need to narrate his encounter with the Risen Jesus, Luke most certainly did.  Luke’s Gospel chapter 24 is

  • April 29: Falling in Love

    We pause roughly mid-way through our New Testament resurrection jaunt to simply take a reflective moment to fall in love.  For me these reflections have become such an integral part of my daily tether to Jesus and also to each of you dear brothers and sisters.  Whether near or far

  • April 28: Go Therefore

    Matthew ends his resurrection chapter, and his gospel story, with a bang!  After the geologic, tectonic,  meteorological and supernal fireworks earlier in chapter 28, that’s really saying something!  But there are two very significant elements of Matthew’s second and ultimate resurrection appearance of Jesus. The eleven (minus Judas) gather on

  • April 27: Under My Feet

    Yep, we begin with a Carole King homage, and it is beautiful!  In Matthew’s Gospel, we really can feel the earth move under our feet, and it sure beats the Walking Dead reference after all!  What in the hey?!  For centuries, Matthew’s Gospel enjoyed the pre-eminent position as the First

  • April 26: We Interrupt This Reflection…

    Following exploration of the New Testament’s two earliest resurrection sources, Pauline and Markan in that order, I pause before continuing to Matthew, Luke, John and others.  Have you ever wondered why Paul did not author a gospel?  Have you ever wondered why there are four gospels and not simply one? 

  • April 25: You Go First!

    Oh, the Indiana Jones’ tropes will fly as we tackle Mark’s secondary and tertiary endings!  While scholars debate endlessly about Mark 16:8b-19 (just examine your study bible notes to confirm), I’ve been waiting for weeks to drop this Raiders of the Lost Ark ode to paralyzing ophidiophobia (oh yes it

  • April 24: Read Mark, Learn & Digest

    Our Vicar Emeritus always loved the Collect of the Day imploring us to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest God’s word!  He joked one year about removing that consequential comma between read and mark thus rendering the Collect’s direction to read the Gospel of Mark, his namesake!  And while that

  • April 23: Stump the Ordained Chump!

    We take a brief respite from Resurrection to query the digital crowd!  After 58 daily reflections dating from February 27th, if anyone can recall that far back, I am taking roll call amongst our readers!  We’ve surveyed so much scripture, Prayer Book, history, philosophy, cinema, music, theology, literature, science fiction,

  • April 22: Grace and Peace

    The renowned 20th century Scottish evangelical biblical scholar Dr. F.F. Bruce authored his magnum opus on the Apostle Paul with the best title ever!  Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free was Dr. Bruce’s masterwork contribution to 20th century Pauline studies, continuing Bruce’s lifetime mission to present the Bible as

  • April 21: I Am Jesus

    Although chronologically out of order, it seems logical to keep all of our Pauline resurrection moments together.  Yesterday we visited with Paul’s own account of encountering the Risen Christ, but Paul is laconic in his several citations of this life-changing moment.  Today let’s let a master storyteller give us the

  • April 20: Out of Time

    The New Testament contains approximately 17 instances in 8 books of the resurrected Jesus appearing and interacting with various disciples.  Not all are as obvious as you might think, so I thought we might spend this week visiting several to listen to our Risen Lord and watch our Christian forebears

  • April 19: He Has Rosen!

    The very best Easter acclamation I ever heard came from our young daughter very early one Easter morning as she excitedly rushed into our bedroom, realizing what morning it was.  “Daddy, Daddy, he’s…..Rosen!” she exclaimed, teaching me that verbal past tense is a beautifully theological tool!  Yes indeed, He has

  • April 18: Accept No Substitutes!

    My mother was an accomplished lay minister, a powerful spiritual director, longtime practitioner of guided spiritual direction, a daily scripture reader, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology when women were just breaking into that field.  She would often teach in her counseling groups and during retreats, Accept No Substitutes!  Her

  • April 17: Sleepers Awaken!

    Uh, er, after yesterday’s deep philological dive into Easter vocabulary I appreciate the three readers willing to continue with me here….ah, em, we’ll try to not geek like that too often.  And before anyone draws the direct reference of today’s reflection title with Frank Herbert’s epic 1965 Dune (and there