• April 21: I Am Jesus

    Although chronologically out of order, it seems logical to keep all of our Pauline resurrection moments together.  Yesterday we visited with Paul’s own account of encountering the Risen Christ, but

  • April 20: Out of Time

    The New Testament contains approximately 17 instances in 8 books of the resurrected Jesus appearing and interacting with various disciples.  Not all are as obvious as you might think, so

  • April 19: He Has Rosen!

    The very best Easter acclamation I ever heard came from our young daughter very early one Easter morning as she excitedly rushed into our bedroom, realizing what morning it was. 

  • April 18: Accept No Substitutes!

    My mother was an accomplished lay minister, a powerful spiritual director, longtime practitioner of guided spiritual direction, a daily scripture reader, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology when women were

  • April 17: Sleepers Awaken!

    Uh, er, after yesterday’s deep philological dive into Easter vocabulary I appreciate the three readers willing to continue with me here….ah, em, we’ll try to not geek like that too

  • April 16: Easter Philology

    Many of you have commented upon my vocabulary in these reflections, for which I thank my parents and several brutal English teachers from Saint Mary’s Episcopal Day School and Jesuit

  • April 15: Fun with Math

    Our liturgical worship is predicated upon a theological chronology witnessing to core elements of the life of Jesus in a calendar format.  You may notice certain numbers which attract sacral

  • April 14: Retrospectives

    Alleluia, Christ is Risen!  Now we pivot from the somber Lenten season and intense Holy Week, what Egeria called the Great Week, to the Great 50 Days of Easter I

  • April 12: Happy Easter!

    LET US KEEP THE FEAST, ALLELUIA! Now we can, finally, share the Alleluia once again!  Now those hebdomadarii can finally eat after the Great Week concludes with Sunday feasting, and

  • April 11, Part 2: The Great Easter Vigil

    Αλληλούια! Can you read it, the first word in this new Eastertide reflection journey?!  It’s all Ελληνικά to me!  How about הללויה in Hebrew, the originating language of this joyous

  • April 11: Full Stop

    Whew wasn’t getting here a push!  40 days (absent Sundays) from Ash Wednesday until today (Part One).  Feels like 4 years in chronological time but no, 40 days, a Lenten quarantina

  • April 10: Bonus Egeria!!

    Since we will be leaving Egeria soon, I thought to provide a few interesting excerpts from her writing about Good Friday of the Great Week I could not wedge into

  • April 10: Why?

    We have come to Good Friday.  Dark is never darker than here.  As an exhausted and broken Frodo Baggins says to his faithful friend Samwise Gamgee after their quest to

  • April 9: Make It So

    Sir Patrick Stewart, one of England’s leading Shakespearian actors, recently reprised his role as Jean Luc Picard for CBS’s lucrative Star Trek franchise.  Admiral Picard is universally regarded as amongst

  • April 8: Triduum Special Reflection

    What a pleasure during this Lenten journey to share a small portion of sacred vocabulary with you.  And here we come to one of the most significant titles for Christian

  • April 8: I Spy

    Not Holy Wednesday, in case you were guessing.  Spy Wednesday is today in the Great Week.  Egeria provides the answer why.  Following the same worship schedule like the past two

  • April 7: The Least of These

    Welcome to Holy Tuesday, the third day of the Great Week.  For Egeria this day mirrored yesterday except for the very end.  She describes a special hike after the final

  • April 6: Claim the Day

    Our earliest Christian forebears (often called the “primitive church” by scholars who seemingly never perceived the derogatory implication of that term) lived in a terribly brutal world.  Recall that while

  • April 5: Hebdomadarii

    Yes, you can say with me slowly…Hep-DOM-eh-dare-ree, a hybrid Greek-Latin term meaning People Who Kept a Week.  Today we begin to keep the week of all Christian weeks, the holiest,

  • April 4: With God’s Help

    Thank you for joining me on this 40 day journey of daily Lenten reflections.  When we began, Mother Emily encouraged me to commit to a daily discipline of writing, which