• March 30: Catch and Release

    So during this pre-Holy Week week we will be preparing ourselves for Holy Week itself, the Triduum and the Easter cycle of celebration itself.  And yes, we will be learning some new Easter vocabulary words as we move towards Easter and a surprise announcement regarding this Lenten reflection daily blog. 

  • March 29: Riding the Fences

    My mother was a multi-talented woman, and one of her many talents was serving as a prayer “warrior,” spiritual counselor and guide for others in the Christian life through trauma and pain.  She taught me a prayer technique for challenging times which came to mind this past week, and I

  • March 28: The Other Book

    Thank you for coming with me on that three day biblical journey, but today let’s consider our other book, the monumental Book of Common Prayer.  One need not be either Anglican (our umbrella term for any Christian anywhere) worshipping in the tradition of the Church of England or Episcopalian (the

  • Pastoral Letter to the ECOT Congregation – March 27, 2020

    Dearest Brothers and Sisters, We write from the Colorado High Country, situated in the mountain valley we all have come to love.  We, together with our faithful Vestry, talented staff, durable core of lay leaders and many who live here full-time, stand in place during this very challenging moment to anchor

  • March 27: Technique

    Reading the bible is different for me than reading any other book.  For me, the bible is primer, resource, encyclopedia, novel, companion, dissertation, love letter, adventure, gateway, mini-series, drama, history and personal journal…at least for starters!  So I approach the bible with awe, with curiosity, with innate trust, with reverence,

  • March 26: A Strategic Epilogue to Yesterday

    Yesterday I implored you to find, situate, open and read any bible you have in your possession.  Let’s refine that spiritual habit of bible reading a bit more strategically today.  Here are some resources and suggestions to make your bible reading fruitful and profitable… Daily!  A little bit every day! 

  • Vail Daily Opinion: Father Brooks

    Letter: Time to say thank you

  • March 25: We Are What We Read

    For those of you wondering where your Lenten reflections actually went these past few days, worry not!  Let’s get off of movies and into books!  My parents taught me to read before I learned more formally at school, and my room growing up was littered with books of many subjects. 

  • March 24: Castaway

    4-time Academy Best Actor nominee Tom Hanks turns in a masterwork theatrical performance in the 2000 feature Castaway.  Definitely worth a watch if you like sun and surf, late FedEx deliveries, slightly used volleyballs and Hank’s physical transformation to depict the utter desolation of a modern man marooned on a

  • March 23: Love at a Distance

    EAT, PRAY, LOVE, SPOUSALLY DISTANCE?! Yesterday I suggested we all have stepped backwards in societal time to an earlier, less frantic age.  While there are unanticipated blessings in this moment, there are also spiritual, emotional, behavioral and relational threats beyond the existential threat of contagion.  My parents taught me that

  • March 22: Time Travel

    Time Travel.  Growing up in Florida during the heady days of the Gemini, Apollo, Spacelab and the early Space Shuttle programs, with a father who worked at NASA by day and kitbashed early home computers with us by night, I was introduced to wild ideas of scientific exploration and futuristic

  • March 21: Holy Week at Home

    Holy Week.  For many of us who are “liturgical” Christians, i.e. those believers who gather based upon a traditional platform of calendared and ordered pattern of worship, Holy Week is the peak of the summit.  Our deep powder stash, our secret fly fishing hole, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup,

  • March 20: Old Rules & New Rule Part 2

    OLD RULES AND NEW RULE PART TWO So, yesterday we explored the evolution of patterns of organized living the church calls Rules of Life.  I am realizing that we all need a personal strategy specific to this moment to ground ourselves in reality, seek health in every dimension, and practice

  • March 19: Old Rules & New Rule, Part 1

    OLD RULES AND NEW RULE PART ONE So, this season of social distancing proves it….I am a hobbit after all!  Like the (barely) mythical creatures populating J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary masterwork The Lord of the Rings, and much like the distinguished Oxford Don and fantasy author himself, when left to my

  • March 18: Space for Prayer

    First, a sincere “Thank You” to all who have provided feedback by voice, text or email.  I truly appreciate hearing from you and please keep it coming!  Before we go into the weekend and potentially my “How to Survive Social Isolation as a Raving Extrovert” reflection, followed by the “How

  • March 17: Worship at Home

    How to worship when we are at distance?  How to be a church when we cannot even have coffee with a friend, or go work out, or lift a green beer with each other tonight (if one’s Lenten discipline allows)?  The Body of Christ of which we are all an

  • March 16: Journaling

    Part of any Lenten journey is the experimentation with new and different spiritual habits, or if you prefer, life habits for the Christian journey.  Some are enduring and non-negotiable, like Sunday communal worship, regular reading of and reflection upon God’s word, generosity in sharing our blessings with others, and the

  • March 15: Time

    In every family, in every generation, I believe God provides one curator, one intrepid soul willing to endure the slings and arrows of familial scorn to courageously preserve cherished heirlooms of master craftsmen, woodworkers, artists, and seamstresses.  I remember as a child in the late 1960s playing endlessly at my

  • March 14: Healing Power of Humor

    In the words of my troupe of spiritual directors, Monty Python, “And now, time for something completely different!”  Humor is a wonderful spiritual gift to employ in times of stress.  To laugh at life’s circumstances is to be completely human, and I understand laughter releases many positive biochemicals to counteract

  • COVID-19 Update #3

    ECOT COBID-19 UPDATE THREE March 13, 2020 Dearest Transfiguration Members and our many friends, I have additional updates which impact our lives and provide more clarity for our church.  Today our neighboring counties of Pitkin and Garfield joined Eagle County’s Health and Environment Director in the Public Order he issued