God has continued to bless our Children’s Ministries with wonderful teachers, helpers and volunteers who continue to ensure that our children possess a solid foundation in the Christian faith. It is truly inspirational to walk into any classroom on any given Sunday and feel God’s presence in the room as our teachers share the Word of God.  The Godly Play stories that are so thoughtfully scripted engage our  children as they were created to be thought provoking .  The children are challenged to really think about God, His role in their life, His plan for them, and how Jesus and the Holy Spirit fit into their understanding of who God is.

For example, recently, after telling a story from the Old Testament one Sunday to our Intermediate children (grades 3-5), one of our children asked, “Do you think that God’s time is different than our time?… Do you think that for God, a million years might be like- a day- for us?  Because if that is true, then when God created the world, it is the same as the scientists say…first there was light, then the heavens and the earth, then water and land, then the sea creatures, then land creatures and then us.”

What a moment of grace, I thought, as this child was trying to make sense of the Story of Creation.  I knew where this question had come from for this child had been present 4 weeks earlier when one of our youth teachers, Rebecca Cotton, who had attended a summer program in Michigan studying Creationism and Evolution, had told the story of Creation.



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