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Meeting 1 – Confirm Not Conform

Meeting 2 – The Bible

Meeting 3 – The Nicene Creed

Meeting 4 – Introduction to the Episcopal Church: Scripture, Tradition, & Reason

Meeting 5 – Sacraments & Spiritual Disciplines

To do before next meeting: Making It Personal

Meeting 6 – The Book of Common Prayer

To do before next meeting: Baptismal Covenant Questionnaire

Meeting 7 – Living Out the Baptismal Covenant

Meeting 8 – With God’s Help

A Letter to Parents

A Resource about Why Bad Things Happen

What is Confirmation? 

Confirmation: a mature, public reaffirmation of the Christian faith and baptismal promises.

Confirmation is not a “graduation” or “completion” of some stage of the Christian journey. Rather, it is a sacrament marking the milestone of an individual’s adult commitment to continue deepening their personal relationship with God, to seek answers to questions they have, and to uphold their baptismal vows with God’s help.

Not all youth are at a point in their Christian journey where they are ready to be confirmed, and this is ok! Confirmation Prep, open to students who will be in high school in the Fall of 2018, will equip youth to make a choice about whether they wish to be confirmed at this point in their life.


Why should my youth take Confirmation Prep?

How does a person decide where they lie in on the political spectrum? What career to pursue? Or what their personal moral code is? In general, we either conform to how our role models live their lives or we take time to research, reflect upon, and confirm our own beliefs and values.

ECOT’s Confirmation Prep is based off the Confirm Not Conform curriculum. Through this class, we will educate ourselves about the foundational tenets of the Christian faith, reflect about what it means to live as a Christian in today’s world, and make informed decisions about what beliefs and identities we chose confirm and take ownership of for ourselves.

We invite your youth to join us on a journey of self-discovery and confirmation. We are excited to explore the story God has written for them!


Confirmation Prep Q&A

Is there an age requirement for the class?

Youth must be in high school by December 2018 to take this class.

I want my youth to be confirmed, but they don’t want to take the class.

Ultimately, confirmation is an individual’s choice.  However, to ensure youth have the knowledge to make an informed decision, we require that they take Confirmation Prep. We understand that youth may be at confirmation class for a variety of reasons, but please remember that confirmation is a choice, not a requirement, upon class completion.  

What happens if my youth takes Confirmation Prep then doesn’t want to be confirmed?

All youth who complete the class will be acknowledged at the Bishop’s visit in December. Any youth who do not wish to be confirmed at this time may instead receive a blessing from the Bishop during the service.

My youth has a sport/activity during a confirmation meeting. Can they miss that day? 

Youth may have one pre-excused absence. If you know your youth will have additional conflicts, please speak to Rebecca Cotton promptly–Rebecca is happy to talk with your family and your youth’s coach/instructor to work out a compromise.

Do we need to be ECOT members/ Episcopalian for my youth to take this class?

Nope! There will be Episcopalian elements, but any youth who is willing to commit to the meeting schedule is welcome to attend.

What is the deadline to register for Confirmation Prep? 

The deadline to register is Saturday, April 7th. However, if your youth would like to come to the first meeting and then decide if they want to complete the rest of the course, they are welcome to do so! Please let Rebecca Cotton know about this by Saturday, April 7th, however. 

Can I get all this information on paper? 

Absolutely! Download our Parent Guide to Confirmation brochure here, or pick up a hard copy from the rack after church. 

How do I register my youth for confirmation class? 

Please fill out this Google form or speak with Rebecca Cotton. 


Have a question not answered here? Please contact Rebecca Cotton at rebecca@episcopalvail.com!