Becoming a member of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration

Our membership class is called Incorporation, the process of becoming part of a body. In the Incorporation class, we teach the meaning of membership at Transfiguration and our history, and discuss any questions you may have. We will also be available to help you find opportunities to serve or be served at Transfiguration. It is important to note that who we are is always changing, and that each new member brings a unique gift. Becoming a member of Transfiguration is not about fitting into us; it’s about all of us, new and old, working together as the body of Christ by expressing the unique gifts God has given each one of us.

Please know that if you belong to another denomination, such as Catholic or Methodist, and would like to keep this denominational membership, Incorporation allows you to do so. The process of becoming an Episcopalian is a separate class called Catechesis and is offered to incorporated members of Transfiguration who are interested in taking this step.

The prerequisite for Incorporation is baptism. If you have not been baptized and are interested in doing so, please call the church office at 476-0618 for more information.

Fr. Brooks will officially recognize you as members using our litany of Incorporation at the end of the Vail or Edwards worship service, your choice, on the Sunday following the Incorporation class.

For questions or information about the next incorporation class please contact us today.

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