One of our favorite times of the year, the Eastertide Season begins at sunset on Easter, ushering in time to rejoice, reflect and renew over the next 50 days until Pentecost Sunday (June 9). We celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the light by which we live our lives.


This year, ECOT hopes you Join Us on the Eastertide Journey with a special 50 days of savings to culminate on Pentecost Sunday. On Easter, our children and youth will have the option to take home a “piggy bank” to save unspent money or spare change over this season. We invite you to fill a red envelope (if you didn’t get one, they are available every Sunday at worship services or at our office in Vail) with your own donation.  All donations will be collected and celebrated on Pentecost, June 9.


Your donations will be supporting our Ministry and Mission: To know Jesus Christ, Son of God, and to make Him known.

– Worship supplies such as hosts, wine, candles, and more

– Printing Bulletins and Mountain Notes

– Youth & Children’s Ministry supplies

– Youth Ministry Mission Trips

– Pastoral Care Team and the myriad of ways they support the Vail Valley

– Postage and mailings

– Fellowship events such as the Twelfth Night, Easter Brunch, and our annual Advent



We are especially grateful for your consistent generosity in remembering Transfiguration during these weeks between Easter and summertime, as so much travel, transitions and graduations occur.  No matter if you are here or away from the valley, our weekly expenses remain fixed of course.  Thank you for keeping your contributions current so we come into summertime in a strong and balanced fiscal position!


Whether you have 5 cents or $500, ECOT appreciates EVERY donation. Join us in the Journey this Eastertide Season in achieving our goal of 100% participation!


Yours in Christ,

The Reverend Stuart Brooks Keith, III+                               J.P. Power, ECOT Pledge Chair