The Jesse Tree, 2015

Advent is a season of preparation before Christmas.  The word Advent means “coming” and refers to the coming of Jesus.  The season emphasizes a three-fold coming: His coming in the flesh at Bethlehem, in grace through word and sacrament, and in glory at the Day of Judgment.


Many people go to great lengths to prepare for Christmas, yet miss the true meaning of this beautiful season.  Advent can help you and your family realize more fully what the coming of Christ can mean for all of you.


Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and lasts until Christmas Eve.  The lessons read in church each Sunday of this Advent season feature some of the people and events significant in the heritage of Jesus.

This Advent our parish family will prepare together in this unique way.  We will build a Jesse Tree.  Each family, couple, or individual wishing to participate will create a Jesse Tree symbol/ornament to hang on the Jesse Tree.  Each symbol/ornament will portray an event that is significant to the heritage of Jesus.  We will have 24 stories and the symbol to go with each story for you to choose from, one for each day of the Advent season.


Each Sunday, we will have six symbol/ornaments hung on our Jesse Tree by those who have created them.  We will share the scripture reading that correlates to the ornaments/symbols to be hung on the tree.  The symbols will be three dimensional and large enough for everyone at the worship service to see.


As we prepare for His coming during Advent, our Jesse Tree will fill up with beautiful symbols of the events leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ created by our Parish family as we prepare for Christmas.  We will be presenting information on the Jesse Tree at both the November 8th and November 15th worship services in preparation for the first Sunday of Advent on November 29th.  We will present Jesse Tree symbols at each of the Advent Sunday Worship services throughout Advent.  If you have any questions about the Jesse Tree, please call Deb Travers, Director of Parish life, at (970) 376-7442.

Jacob and His Dream/The Ladder                      Kimberly, Dan, Haley and Gavin Brewster


Symbol of Prophecy/ The Advent Rose               Terri Jo, John, Adeline, Joseph and Maeve Reichert


Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors                    Gail and Bill Hasselbach w/ Elsa and Bryce

Moses and the Law/ The Ten Commandments         Suzanne and Dick Gilbert


The Blessing of Aaron/Benediction                     Dana, Brian, Addi, Cole and Grant Maurer


Samuel and the Word of the Lord/The Lamp    Kim, Christina and Jessica Nelson

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