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May 31: Bonus – Droughtlander Reflection Style

May 31: Whit-the-Heck?

May 30: Coming Attractions

May 29: Adieu, Egeria!

May 28: More Stump, More Chump!

May 27: Stump the Ordained Chump Returns!

May 26: Spring Cleaning

May 25: Resurrection Review

May 24: Pump You Up!

May 23: No! In All These Things

May 22: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

May 21: We Interrupt This Reflection…

May 20: En Cristo

May 19: No Longer I

May 18: Eucatastrophe

May 17: shun, SHUN, shun, shun!

May 16: Retrospect

May 15 Bonus: JOHN

May 15: It is I!

May 14: God is Love

May 13: Yes, Lord!

May 12: They Knew

May 11: The Right Side

May 10: Show Me!

May 9: Shalom Aleichem

May 8: Table for Two

May 7: Take Your Marks

May 6: Yes, You in the Back!

May 5: And the Rest…

May 4: It is Not for You

May 3: You Are Witnesses

May 2: I’m Starving!

May 1: Burning Hearts

April 30: He Is Not Here

April 29: Falling In Love

April 28: Go Therefore

April 27: Under My Feet

April 26: We Interrupt This Reflection…

April 25: You Go First!

April 24: Read Mark, Listen and Learn

April 23: Stump the Ordained Chump!

April 22: Grace and Peace

April 21: I Am Jesus

April 20: Out of Time

April 19: He Has Rosen!

April 18: Accept No Substitutes!

April 17: Sleepers Awaken!

April 16: Easter Philology

April 15: Fun with Math

April 14: Retrospectives

April 12: Happy Easter!

April 11: The Great Vigil of Easter


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