January 25:  I Am Jesus

January 24:  Repent and Believe

January 23:  O Little Town

January 22:  Paracelete

January 21:  One Solitary Life

January 20:  Let Me Be Clear

January 19:  Of Apples and Eyes

January 18:  Rough Hewn

January 17:  HIN-NE-NI

January 16:  More Magi…

January 15:  Brightest

January 14:  Epiphanytide Decorations

January 13:  Epiphany’s Collect

January 12:  Three

January 11:  Egeria Interrupta

January 10:  Beloved

January 9:  Magical Magi, Part Two

January 8:  Magical Magi, Part One

January 7:  Theophany

January 6 Bonus:  28

January 6:  Epiphany Prison Break

January 5:  Retrospective

January 4:  He Did It All and Infinitely More

January 3:  Let’s Collect Some Collects!

January 2:  A Deeper Christmas Dive

January 1, 2021:   Above All Names

December 31:  Smiles, Everyone, Smiles!

December 30:  O Come Silent Night

December 29:  Past as Prologue

December 28:  The Holiest of Innocents

December 27:  Fourth

December 26:  Protomartyr

December 25 Bonus:   The Wisdom of The Forebears

December 25:  The Greatest of These

December 24:  Love Come Down

December 23:  Convergence

December 22:  Knock Knock!

December 21:  Believing Thomas!

December 20 – Bonus!:  Make A New (Christmas) Plan, Stan!!

December 20:  Magnificent

December 19: Oh, So Many Oh’s!!

December 18:  Repent, Part Two

December 17:  Repent, Part One

December 16:  Stir It Up, Li’l Darlin’!

December 15:  The Gift of the Present Moment

December 14:  Great, Completed, Full

December 13:  You Can’t Really Take It With You

December 12:  Even So Lord

December 11:  I’ve Heard About You Before…

December 10:  Surpassing Human Understanding

December 9:  Truth to Power and to Us

December 8:  Wait For It…

December 7:  Infamy

December 6:  Holy Saint Nicholas/ Day __Man!

December 5:  Writhe That Wreath!

December 4:  Almighty God, Give Us Grace

December 3:  Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Ficus Carnica?

December 2:  The Great Themes of Advent Week One: Hope

December 1:  Setting Up Advent Shop

November 30: Happy Andermas Ye Bonnie Kirk!


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