Welcome to Transfiguration’s website portal! Included here is everything you may need to join us at worship, or help support the community through a variety of serving opportunities, or invite us to help celebrate a special life moment like a baptism or wedding, or simply to ask for help. Our extended church family currently includes some 650 souls ranging from 6 months to 94 years of age, located primarily in the Vail valley but also in places like Paris, New York, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Jacksonville and Charleston. Although we are a church family anchored in the Episcopal Church, we are blessed to enjoy those of many different religious backgrounds, from Roman Catholics and Baptists to a strong presence of Lutherans and those of Orthodox Christian descent. And of course we count many who are actively exploring their journey of faith from no particular background, as well as others who are recovering from painful religious experiences in other places.

We gather together united by a simple purpose, to know Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and to make Him known. We aspire to be active, committed and engaged apprentices of Jesus in this world. We gather for Sunday morning worship characterized by the elegant and beautiful Anglican tradition outlined in the Book of Common Prayer, enjoying quality preaching anchored by the mysteries of the Holy Eucharist available for every baptized Christian regardless of background. We learn together in several weekly bible studies and other seasonal teachings throughout the year. We serve together by striving to support our local, national and global communities through personal and congregational outreach which intersects God’s transforming love with the deepest needs of the human person. We partner with and pastor our entire local community regardless of their church membership or faith perspective. We experience God’s love together through warm, interactive and fun congregational life events throughout the year. We pioneer a 21st century Christian witness by enjoying a unique and distinctive interfaith reality in which Transfiguration co-inhabits three valley interfaith chapels with sister congregations from the Roman Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Jewish faith traditions. And we work very hard to pass on the Christian faith to the next generations by actively serving our infants, children and youth with vital and dynamic ministries.

Weddings, memorial services, baptisms, house blessings, prayer support, crisis intervention, or simply a warm and poignant experience of Sunday worship…how may we serve you today?

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