Dear ECOT Parish Family and Friends,


I loved the recent Christmas card I received which proclaimed on the cover, “The time which makes all other time possible!!”  For Christians this literally is the God’s honest truth!  The birth of the Savior of the world re-aligns both time and space, unleashing God’s divine plan to return us to the innately intimate relationship with our heavenly Father we once enjoyed as His sons and daughters in the earliest days of humankind.  The prophet Isaiah’s prophetic Hebrew name for Jesus, Emmanuel, literally means “God right here with us!”  The birth of Jesus brings God’s own nature, purpose and plan into human history in full view for all to see!  Our Lord and Savior became like us so we could be united with God as He is!


Hope, peace, joy, grace, forgiveness…..which gift can the Christ-child give, personally and profoundly, to each of us this Christmas?  The love which God gives us will always be the very best gift we will ever receive, and in our fractured, turbulent, anxious world, this Christmas is the best time for God’s best gift!  I pray that all of God’s amazing gifts are yours in great abundance this Christmastide.  May the light of the Christ-child illumine our faces, our hearts and our lives, right here and right now.  Merry Christmas!


Warmly in the Lord,