Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration Depends on Your Contribution!

Thanks to you, our Transfiguration members, 2019 has been a blessed year!  Some brief metrics point to our many congregational blessings:

* 14 Baptisms and counting!
* 10 Weddings (and some betrothals too!)
* 6 Burials of beloved church and community members
* Almost 1,300 Christmas worshippers and 57 children in our pageant!
* 1,221 Easter Day worshippers
* 5 weekly bible studies for adults throughout this year
* 73 middle and high school youth supported by Rebecca Cotton’s Youth Ministry
* 118 children supported by Mary Cotton’s Children’s Ministries
* Many wonderful parish gatherings throughout the year
* 47 pilgrims to the Holy Land

For me, JP, as your 2020 ECOT Pledge Drive chair, that last item was life changing.  Being baptized in the Jordan river by Father Brooks, where John baptized Jesus, was a life transformational moment for me! I look forward to continued service to Christ.

We mark 45 years this fall as a congregation at service to our community, the interfaith community and the broader Episcopal Church in Colorado.  All the blessings above, with the thousands of lives we have touched with God’s love this year and in past years, is only possible with your generous and faithful support!

November 17th is Stewardship Sunday, the day we bring our cards to church and place them in the collection plate. Please return your pledge card by mail or place it in any Sunday collection plate, or submit your pledge using the form below.

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation in our ECOT 2020 Pledge Drive!  This year we tallied 70% total member household participation, a high percentage for Episcopal congregations, but we can do even better!  Could we reach 90% or even higher?!  The sword of the Lord will be with you!

If you choose to have a payment or payments taken from your accounts, please print this form and mail or bring it to our offices. Thank you!

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