Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration Depends on Your Contribution!

In many ways, it has felt as if we have been scattered in the wind over the past few months. 2020 has not been without its challenges, however, in the face of the pandemic, our response has resulted in a vibrant and growing spiritual focus.

I think one of the greatest accomplishments of ECOT’s 2020 was to shutter in advance of any formal church or civil quarantine order based upon sound advice from medically trained parishioners, who had the wisdom to anticipate events by more than a week.  Also amazing was our staff’s ability to pivot to self-produced video-based worship, including an intensive Holy Week and Easter, within 8 days.  Without the behind the scenes support of Katie Campbell and Margie Ciaccio, our transition to online worship would have been delayed. We provided weekly Sunday worship all year, absent only one Sunday, amid constantly changing variables all around us, which simply astounds me!

Nine weeks ago we were able to safely begin worshiping in person through the diligent work of our parish staff.  Currently, we are meeting in Vail and in Edwards on Sunday and offering outdoor worship on Wednesday evenings.  In 2020, we have conducted 5 weddings, 2 memorials, and 3 baptisms.

Fr. Brooks and Mother Emily continue to offer bible studies online, via Zoom, throughout the week.  Mother Emily also offers daily prayer each night on our Facebook page.

In the area of Children’s Ministry, Mary Cotton continues to offer formation online weekly, as well as deepening her relationship with families.  Our Youth Minister, Rebecca Smith, meets with our youth regularly and continues to look for new and inventive ways to develop Christian relationships with our youth.

We celebrated the installation of Mike Williams as our parish deacon in June 2020.  Deacon Mike has worked closely with the Salvation Army as we have joined them in providing hundreds of food box deliveries to those in quarantine in Eagle County. We also provided over 640 meals to firefighters and evacuees during the Grizzly Creek fire.

None of these ministries are possible without your continued support. The financial and time commitments you have shared are invaluable.

As we begin our 2021 pledge drive, we remember the lessons of growth and harvest we heard in Matthew this past summer. Although we may feel a bit scattered at this time, the work of “Knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known” continues. Our theme for this year’s pledge drive is “Deep Roots from Scattered Seeds.” Each of us has an opportunity to support the growth of the Gospel message.

Our primary pledge goal for 2021 is to sustain a parish budget providing the same level of staff leadership and capacity to a church and community most in need to receive it. Our entire staff is fully deployed in leadership service throughout the valley and beyond, never in more demand than now!  Our secondary goal is to retain our communication and video-based capacity through 2021 even when the pandemic ends, to reach more people in more places than ever before.  We need everyone’s support to do these two things. Please communicate your support by completing the pledge card below or returning the completed pledge card, you receive at church, by November 1, Stewardship Sunday.


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If you need help with downloading/printing the Pledge Form or the online form, please call Margie Ciaccio at (970) 476-0618.

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