“Pastoral Care”, caring for persons with God’s love and companionship, is a term developed from the Good Shepherd caring for His sheep.  While our ministerial staff provides this care to our congregation, as the church grows, they cannot provide all the support needed because the needs are many.


Jesus’ call to reach out to those in need is not just a call to the clergy, but a call to all of us at ECOT, expanding the role of pastoral caregiver from pastors alone to pastors and congregation.  We have formed a “Care Team”, comprised of ECOT volunteers who are trained in pastoral caregiving.  Care Team members will receive calls and will initiate contact with ECOT members undergoing personal difficulties.  These life difficulties may include additional, stress, financial concerns, religious struggles, loneliness, death, divorce, illness, loss of physical ability, loss of job or home, tragedy or trauma, and tensions in family relationships.


Care Team Members: Karen Baird, Kathy Bellamy, Nancy Current, Arlen Holter, Betsy Holter, Jim McVey, J.P. Power, Robert Schilling, August Smirl, Lynda Tasillo.


If you desire emotional and spiritual support from one of our Care Team members or you want to find out more about this ministry, contact Denise Delaney, Director of Pastoral Care at 970-471-0155.





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