thankfulblessedA very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from all of us at Transfiguration.  I am so aware this year of our need to hold tight to traditions which provide such critical perspective, history and comfort.  Few such traditions top sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.  Maybe some family and friends are around us.  Perhaps we find a community at our own Thanksgiving Community Supper this Thursday, the details of which are enclosed.  Wherever we find ourselves this Thanksgiving, my fervent prayer is that we all find a place at the holiday table.

As we do, please never forget that Jesus sets a place for each and every one of us at His Table, a special and customized place setting meant especially for us.  Not one is lost, misunderstood, forgotten or overlooked.  Not one is taken for granted, ridiculed, or alone.  In days like these we all need to hear the words of our Lord speaking specifically for us,”Friend, move up higher!”  The Lord’s Table serves life abundant, God’s divine love with all the trimmings.  At God’s Table we are safe, at peace, and bonded by a love which transcends every obstacle, every division, every wounding that life can throw our way.

 May your Thanksgiving table be full and wonderful.  And as we gather may we all give thanks for our place at God’s divine Table made possible through the life, death and resurrection of our Lord.  Enjoy the feast!

Warmly in the Lord,