Everyone should be required to help move a loved one into a college dorm.

What an explosion of sensory overload, from lights to clothes to boxes to kitchens to groceries to towels to everything!  Every father at Target wearing that same dull look of resignation as they haul overfilled carts heaped with (very) disposable items once considered the property of sovereigns and the wealthy, but now at the retail disposal of beloved children old enough to vote but still young enough to make you feel happy about paying!  

Do our beds face north to south or south to north, head-to-head or parallel or even stacked vertically?  (Hint to Dads…vertical was cool for freshman year but not for sophisticated sophomores any longer!)  And how does one properly segregate a small refrigerator to accommodate food for four?! I am honored, as was my father before me, to help launch the next generation. I remember my father’s humility in moving, helping, encouraging, listening and paying without a word of critique, and now the wheel of life has turned. It’s my turn to move, help, encourage, listen and pay, and without commentary except when asked to provide one. It is an honor to watch humans emerge, evolve and navigate this world. To my own daughter and all students beginning their school years and semesters….

Godspeed and all prayers for success! 

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