Father Brooks focuses on the storms in our lives this month on KZYR True Local Radio 97.7FM. Not just storms like Irma and Harvey, but the personal storms – domestic violence, thoughts of suicide, anger, and more.


Week 1, September 2017

Focus on keeping yourself safe by contacting loved ones, friends, family, any of the Eagle County emergency services, counselors, and/or pastoral care.


Week 2, September 2017

One need not be in a physical storm, but emotional storms can be just as brutal. There are many resources in our Valley – Eagle County Victims Advocates Office, Vail Valley Salvation Army, our churches, and many places people can go to reach out for help.


Week 3, September 2017

People can find themselves isolated, feeling as if no one will understand and there is no one to reach out to. We encourage you to reach out if you are feeling lonely or isolated, with so many resources in our Vail Valley. Join us at the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration with a pastoral care team available and ready to listen 24/7/365.


Photo Credit: CNBC