What a pleasure during this Lenten journey to share a small portion of sacred vocabulary with you.  And here we come to one of the most significant titles for Christian worship in the latter half of the Great Week.  Triduum in Latin of course means the three days, that singular liturgical arc beginning tomorrow with Maundy Thursday and concluding with Easter evening.  Our worship closely mirrors both the tight, tense and brilliant scriptural passion and

resurrection narratives in all four gospels and also what Egeria experienced and journaled in the 4th century Jerusalemite church under Saint Cyril the Great.  There are no parallel days of such sacral weight for the Christian church as the next three days, and so we are all invited to match our engagement of this time with the profundity of the moment.  No distractions, no obstacle, no excuses.  Jesus’ hour is here.  We apprentice at the feet of the Master as He inaugurates the in-breaking Kingdom of the Heavens through these salvific moments.  We pick up our crosses to follow Him carrying His cross.  Triduum is church code language for descriptors like intensive, intimate, shattering, astounding, epochal, transformational.  Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will come again.  Two of the three constitutional claims of all Christians everywhere happen in the next 72 hours.  Welcome to the Triduum.