Yes, dear readers, I somehow forgot to work in a reference to the wildly popular pop culture literary and small screen phenomenon that is Outlander.  The kids got Harry, the tweens got Bella, the teens got (well, kinda hosed as they received multiple knock-offs of Twilight all based upon the basic brilliant franchise-building concept that young women are at the center of the entire world, essentially misunderstood by anyone other than a magical/legendary/ridiculously handsome lead guy, and can save the world when enough drama surrounds them), the geeks got Frodo, former Fight Club fantasy members got Game of Thrones, but for the rest of us??!!  Yes, half the rest of us got Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser while the other half got James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser!  Yes, we got Claire and Jamie from Outlander!

Please don’t worry if you don’t understand the reference, just trying to continually up your pop culture engagement blended with some Christian faith!  So there’s this current cult cable drama called Outlander, and anyone who has faithfully watched it through five seasons (this is what I’ve been told by friends) has just entered an extended period between seasons, exacerbated by the virus, they call “Droughtlander.”  Get it?  So they may be slightly bereft (again, this is what friends tell me) because the last season just now ended.  So they read books during Droughtlander.  They encourage each other in special groups.  They learn new elements of the franchise history.  They believe in a better future, my friends assure me, when Season 6 eventually debuts.

I know it’s going to be difficult for long-time readers of these daily reflections to cope with there sudden absence.  A Droughtlander of Daily Reflections, yes.  What to do to face the day?!  Well, dinna fash (Scots Gaelic for Don’t Worry!) dear readers!  Some suggestions, with my love and appreciation for encouraging me to stay at this with such enjoyable results for the writer and hopefully for you the reader!

  1. Read books!  A review of these reflections since Ash Wednesday will reveal several book references you may wish to pursue, or authors you may wish to read further, or sources which piqued your curiosity when I shared them.  Go get ‘em!  Of course the book par excellence is the Holy Bible, still to my knowledge the best selling literature the world over!  Please ask me or Mother Emily for any referrals for your further exploration.
  2. Encourage each other in special groups!  We host multiple weekly bible studies filled with the very same kinds of resources, discussions, queries, and general geekery you’ve encountered here.  You are most welcome always to join us for any or all of them!
  3. Learn new things!  I intentionally embedded these reflections with a myriad of web hyperlinks, and those lead to so many others.  One need not be a scholar or academic (I am neither of those) to appreciate and be nourished by all the knowledge so readily available.
  4. Believe in a better future.  Waiting for an escapist television show is one thing.  Waiting for the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, our Lord and Savior, the Good Shepherd and Great Physician, is another thing entirely.  Faith, hope and love in the Way, the Truth and the Life is our path forward through this thoroughly despicable time!  He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!

Photo credit: Barnes & Noble