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H – Honduras

Service-HondurasThe Emilia D’Cuire Special Education School in La Ceiba provides education and vocational training for disabled children who are not allowed to attend regular school.

In Honduras our team spoke of “God moments”. That is the special time when you feel God is with you at that very moment. I was lucky enough to have two such moments on our trip.

My first began when I started packing for the trip. As I went to get my suitcase out of the attic, I noticed a pair of crutches that my wife had used after surgery. I felt the urge to take them to Honduras, thinking they might be of use to someone, so I did. In Honduras I was lucky enough to spend time with Jose Luiz, the physical therapist. On our second day I brought the crutches to him and asked if they might be of use. I told him they were adult size. He got very excited, went to another classroom and returned with a young man named Walter. Walter has cerebral palsey which affects his legs and cannot walk unaided. That meant that he had to lean on other people of hold on to the walls to get around. Walter beamed as he entered the room and I gave him his “new” crutches. He can now get around unaided. Why had it occurred to me to bring along the crutches?

My second “God Moment” happened after saying goodbye to the rest of the team at the airport in Honduras ( I was on a different flight to Atlanta). As I sat down on the plane, I started a conversation with the Honduran couple next to me. I mentioned that I had been in La Ceiba, and so had they. They had toured the Emila D’Cuire School that very morning! They had seen Jose Luiz doing physical therapy with one of the children I had seen him with earlier in the week. I showed them photos on my camera and they were truly surprised, as was I, that we had shared the same experience. It turns out that the man, who now lives in New Jersey, had gone to grade school in Honduras with Emilie D’ Cuire and is a faithful supporter ($50 each month) of the school. Why was I was seated next to them?

Thanks for the great experience in Honduras.

Kit Campbell
Richmond, Virginia

A – Africa

Archbishop Valentine Mokiwa’s school in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania educates Christian and Muslim children side by side, helping to bridge the divide between the two communities.


N – Natural Disasters

After 11 Mission trips to New Orleans we have decided to support other domestic areas of the United States effected by Natural Disasters. Earlier this year we supported relief efforts communites damaged by the tornatoes in the South East.


D – Denver

The St Francis Shelter serves over 300 people daily, treating each individual with dignity and respect. Our teams help administer semi-annual censuses and provide services to the homeless through the Day Program once a quarter.


S – Student Missions

Our middle school and high school youth serve in a variety of ways: locally with Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army; regionally through the Denver Inner City Parish; and internationally in Juarez last summer.


For more information about ECOT’s mission and outreach, please contact Carla Guarascio.