Making A Difference

Think Church Is Only About Sitting In A Pew On A Sunday Morning?
Consider Transfiguration’s Mission & Outreach Efforts

Natural Disasters

After 11 Mission trips to New Orleans we have decided to support other domestic areas of the United States effected by Natural Disasters. Earlier this year we supported relief efforts communites damaged by the tornatoes in the South East.



The St Francis Shelter serves over 300 people daily, treating each individual with dignity and respect. Our teams help administer semi-annual censuses and provide services to the homeless through the Day Program once a quarter.


Student Mission

Our middle school and high school youth serve in a variety of ways: locally with Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army; regionally through the Denver Inner City Parish; and internationally in Juarez last summer.


For more information about ECOT’s mission and outreach, please contact Kimberly Brewster.

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