Today seems like the proper moment to look back before we look forward.  The 10 days between the Feasts of the Ascension and Pentecost frequently feel like that liminal space, a long exhale from the (liturgical at least) rigors of the salvific march we began way back in late November with Advent until this upcoming Sunday’s Pentecost.  Half the calendar year is spent in that extraordinary narrative of Jesus’ life (before, during and after) which constitutes what the Great Vigil of Easter calls “those mighty acts whereby we have been given life and immortality!”  Wow!  Pentecost closes that march while the following Sunday, Trinity Sunday, begins a brand new journey comprising the second half of the liturgical year of roughly equal length.  But just as we begin to see that transition…..a pause.

We have reflected together daily, and on a few days more than once, since February 27th.  When completed on Pentecost, that’s about 90 days of daily reflection.  I’ve had the time of my life, and hope you may have been uplifted, edified and deepened dear readers!  Take a moment to scan the titles of our daily reflections from Lent, Holy Week and Eastertide (the Lenten and Holy Week reflections reside currently at the very bottom of the website reflection page).  Do you recall any of them, some of them, most of them?  Which ones invite a brief re-visit?  Which ones really comforted you?  Challenged you?  Inspired or encouraged you?  How are you different as a result of this journey?

I hope you have a new or rededicated private prayer space/corner/chair/chapel at home.  I hope you have worked your bible hardest, your Book of Common Prayer hard and perhaps even a good dictionary.  I hope you’ve watched a few YouTube links, learned some new prayer disciplines, and get excited about the amazing adventure waiting for you when you simply open your Bible.  We still have a few days left together in this space, so we’re not actually done quite yet.  But today seems right to go back before we go forwards.  Take some time to do that, and thanks!  Onwards!