Before we move forwards, a moment to look backwards.  For me this Eastertide is flying by, 50 days feeling like 20 while our Lenten 40 days felt like 4,000!  We began these Eastertide reflections on April 11th marking the Great Vigil of Easter, the next day inaugurating the Great 50 Days of Eastertide.  On April 19th we began an ambitious reflective survey of every biblical text including life after death and resurrection appearances of Jesus recorded in Holy Scripture.  Together we explored 26 various texts, which I find completely miraculous in and of itself!

Paul, the four gospels, gospel later additions (Mark: 16:9 and following, John 21), Acts, the letters of John and Revelation.  What dedication if you happen to reading today’s reflection at all!  Thank you, dear readers, for staying with me on our reflective journey.  The goal is not and never was knowledge for knowledge’s sake.  Anyone can simply know.  No, I am at root a Johannine, Anglican Christian so for me the goal is always faith seeking comprehension, to come to believe that Jesus is Messiah and thus enjoy authentic life in and through His Name!  I pray that the eyes of our hearts may be opened widely to the invitatory love which beckons us to walk straight up to that Empty Tomb and take a good long look.  To sit as Jesus grills fish and breaks bread for each of us to have exactly what we need for this moment in our faith journey.  To not be afraid, to receive the Peace of Christ which surpasses any human understanding.  To experience the awe, holy fear, and overwhelming joy the Risen Jesus can alone provide.  Tomorrow we move forward into differing resurrection reflections in the remaining Easter time we have.  For today, we look back and appreciate our scriptures.


  1. Which one scriptural passage, text or writer provided you profound comfort?
  2. Which one passage, text or writer provided you profound consternation, confusion or anxiety?
  3. Where are you living, scripturally, this Eastertide?!