We take a brief respite from Resurrection to query the digital crowd!  After 58 daily reflections dating from February 27th, if anyone can recall that far back, I am taking roll call amongst our readers!  We’ve surveyed so much scripture, Prayer Book, history, philosophy, cinema, music, theology, literature, science fiction, fantasy, liturgy, prayer, pop culture…my head is spinning!  You have been diligent, patient, gracious, encouraging and so forgiving!  And if anyone has opened a bible, Book of Common Prayer, dictionary or YouTube clip then I am blessed beyond measure!

So now, just before we forge ahead into the gospel resurrection accounts, it’s time to play the game we call Stump the Ordained Chump!  Yep, I am open for questions on any…on all…previous reflections of any Lenten, Holy Week, or Eastertide topic.  Egeria?!  Tolkien?  Highlander?! (“Yes Linda, you crushed it!”) Bible?!  Prayer Space?!  God?!  Jesus?!  Jesus again?!  Outlander?! (Well maybe off-line on that last!) My slightly isolation-induced alternative voices set off by parenthetical notes?!  (Stop that!)  No, they can ask about you!  (Why?!)  Because they’re good people!  (You have a point!)  Is the audience happy?!  Uneasy?!  Bored and tired of Netflix “My List” avoidance so you’re reading?!  A (theological, philosophical, philological) bone to pick?!  The unexpressed thought about any of our shared spiritual exercises which yearns to be set free more publicly?!  Just try to Stump your priestly Chump!

Email me your responses, replies, queries, and anything other message you can send within broad bounds of remote digital decency!  If you are one of the lucky few (three still reading daily not related to me), you may (100% guaranteed) see your questions and my answer in an upcoming Eastertide Daily Reflection!  My email is brooks@episcopalvail.com and those of you who have my cell phone number can text or ring me also!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to hearing from (all 3 of) you!