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To Know Jesus Christ, The Son of God, and to Make Him Known

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Dearest ECOT Parish Family and many Friends,

Faith, Hope, Love abide, these three. And the greatest of these is Love! So Saint Paul concludes the greatest reflection on love ever written, from his First Letter to the Church in Corinth chapter 13. And for both the remainder of this year, and 2023, we take Paul’s three majestic spiritual gifts as our pledge theme!! Why??!!

Given these past few years, we require Faith in such turbulent times. Faith that Transfiguration’s future is even more exciting than past moments living only in memory. Faith that our human and financial resources are sufficient to enable us to fulfill our shared mission to know Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and to make Him known in times like these! Faith in a loving Heavenly Father who has prepared a path for us to walk towards Him and with Him.

Hope in that future as we continue recovery and rebuilding from pandemic hangover. Hope in our Lord’s strong voice calling to us over the storms of daily life. Hope, at least for me, that Transfiguration continues to be a beacon of light and divine love for our church family, our community and far beyond.

And love. Pledging is all about love. I share my time, my talent and my treasure with those I love the most. I am honored to once again share my time and professional talent with you, but my treasure does not come because I am your Rector. My pledge comes post-divorce because I love this church family, our amazing interfaith chapels and all of you. I cannot begin to out-give God for all the ways God has so richly blessed me. I have faith and hope in your love for God, our Lord Jesus and your church family in the coming days. Please prayerfully pledge all three…time, talent and treasure…as generously as you can. And please remember, the best gift you’ll ever give to us is the gift of your presence and friendship, treasures beyond measure! May God gift us with Faith, Hope, Love and a great Pledge Drive! Come on 2023!!

Warmly in our Lord,




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